Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas gifts and Happy New Year..............

 I made this messenger bag for my librarian DIL!  My pictures could be better. One of the grandsons said oh your camera is old Grandma. I didn't think it really mattered til I looked at these picture:)
 The closure goes through a loop then up to a snap clear as mud right??

 One of 3 table runners. A farm theme for Jared and Sarah.
 It's longer than the picture shows and they have a new big dining room table to put it on.
 This one is Carrie's I really like it and am glad I have enough to make one for myself:)

 This is the back of Carrie's.
 Granddaughter Rachle's Ereader case.
 Carrie's pillow which was nice of her to forget so I get to enjoy it awhile longer! I also have enough of this to make another one.
 Matt and Kari's pillows I could have kept them too:)
 I hope they all enjoy their gifts.
 Not to often the squirrels get this close.
 A new project Carrie and I are going to be working on.

 We have had some snow and blowing as you can see he has to dig for his supper:)
This is my gift from Jared's family a barn star!!! I love it and will keep it in the house for while before hanging it outside. We received lots of great gifts including a gift certificate to Huron's quilt shop!!!....................JMF

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fall is over:(

 I was loving the long fall with warm days and long walks then the wet,cold, snow and wind came.
I went into hibernation!!!
 Last month's full moon was so pretty!
 When Greg was busy or hunting I walked through the calves checking for sick or stuck or any number of things. I only found one calf with it's head stuck in the fence but he got out just as I called Jared. I guess I panicked he wasn't really stuck just thought the grass on the other side was greener!

 They like to follow and sometimes I had to tell the girls to back off! They would get a little to close for comfort.
 Lucas and I went with Greg one afternoon to the hunting shack. We saw alot of deer but nothing he wanted to shoot. That's how his whole season went:) He did help our local Game Warden load the deer he shot tho. Greg asked him "Should I know you?"  I guess it's a good thing when you don't know the game warden!! We do know him he just didn't recognize him in his hunting clothes!
 This little buck hung around for awhile so Lucas was taking pictures of him.

 Something I am working on for a Christmas gift
Will show it when it's finished........................JMF

Saturday, October 29, 2016

What you made more purses???????????

 I thought I was just going to use up what purse fabric that I had but............... I saw these two pieces in Brookings. What can I say I have no self control!!
 The back pocket.

 Then I reversed the whole thing:)

 I was opening and watching the gate the other night for Greg and the calves came to say hello!

Thanks for the hay farmer Greg.....JMF

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's that time of year again............

 Bean harvest is finally under way. The combine needed a few repairs that took more time than Greg thought it would. All's well that ends well. I am thankful for the neighborhood repair shop, and told him so when I dropped Greg off to get his combine:)
 In between harvest the guys have been weaning calves so far so good.
 I haven't heard any reports of sick calves so that's another good thing!
 I rode once around the bean field the other day when I took Greg lunch. I think it is a boring job, but  it has to get done.

 I used up most of the rest of this fabric to make a smaller size pocket pillow.
 Sue and I made our yearly trip to Linda's garden. It's always so fun to see all the fruits of her and her crew's labor:)
 Next year we thought we might have to go twice one time earlier in the season for sweet corn,beans ect.

 A fraction of the potatoes they raise.
We got this the other night SNOW I am not ready for that yet good thing it didn't stay long....JMF

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Old west roundup................

 When I took these pictures of the roundup of the cattle it made me think of the westerns I grew up watching:)

 Until the guy on the 4wheeler came over the hill:)
 Those horns are taller than the corral.

 These don't belong to us we just rent the pasture they live in:)

 I came across this fabric in my stash and thought it would make a perfect pillow to donate.
Fall is in the air so I pulled this out and hung it up hopefully I'll get a few more fall decorations  out.
 I used up what was left of the purse fabric.

 and the back sides of some jeans for pockets.
Have a safe harvest and weaning calves................JMF