Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

Friday, August 7, 2015

Butterflies and more..........................

 Sarah's folks gave her this quilt kit for Christmas a few years ago. She asked me to make it for her, so I did!! It was a kit from Connecting Threads. There was enough fabric to piece together the backing too.
 It turned out pretty good:)
 I pieced this one awhile ago and just got it finished.

 I won the fat quarter pack of the fruit and veggie fabric,  I used my stash of white on white I think I bought a yard or so to finish it. The backing is bright sale fabric:)

 This picture was taken a very long time ago. Click on it to make it bigger and let me know if you find yourself in it. All you former Jolly Jacks and Jill's 4-H members:)

 Carrie, Rachel and I were in Sioux Falls over the weekend and none of us had been to the butterfly house, and now we have:)  We weren't in there long before 2 landed on Carrie. When we were ready to go Rachel said she wasn't leaving until one landed on her. Well it didn't take long and she had a nice ponytail adornment!!
 There were a few of these cute little quail there too.
 This made me think of you Julia C, you need to find an old wooden step ladder to add to your flower gardens!!
 Boating to the neighbors island, that is island of the birds!

 We got out and the boys motored away into the sunset....

 We got off and checked out the island these guys are to young to fly so just squawked at us.
 Lots of little fish the moms bring to feed their babies.
Carrie and her butterfly just minutes after we walked in...........JMF

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

50 some years back in time!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sun I got to visit my country school and the house I grew up in!! The school seemed so small to me now. It is dusty and falling apart, but it is the only one left in Miner County.
 This is the girls coatroom and bathroom.
 I know GROSS but it wasn't when I was a student there! Plus it was inside I think it was called a chemical toilet no water to flush it was an outhouse but  inside:)
 I'm sure this was Mrs Anderson's storage, there was a book case in the back of the room and that was our library! It's gone now.
 The paint is the same as when I went to school there!
 Several years ago one the  teachers from Howard would take her students out there and have class.
Johnny and Lucas wanted to see it too. We met them at Larry and Julie's house where I grew up. Then we walked to school like I always did:)

 It is a shame to see it fall apart but I understand it takes lots of money to kept these old buildings repaired.

 These horses are the school house's company now.

I went there until I was in seventh grade, and had Mrs Anderson for my teacher. I had one neighbor boy as my only classmate. My best friend Connie Hart was a grade ahead of me. She was the only one in her class. Mrs Anderson came with us to Howard when the school closed. I had her as a teacher in 7th and 8th grade too.
 Before we toured the school Larry and Julie were gracious enough to show us my old farm. They have kept it up, and added so many things to it, that is is just beautiful. They made changes to the house, but still has the same feel as when I lived there only better:) From the bottom of my heart I Thank you Larry and Julie!!!.......................JMF

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Buckhorn Rodeo....

 We went up to Britton to Buckhorn rodeo.  A couple of cute cowboys here running the calf pens!!
 I might  be alittle partial tho beings it was Kordell and Matt:)
 Dane was helping park cars and Ellie was keeping me company on the hillside. Kari was working the ticket booth and then the concession stand.
 The weather was perfect.
 This guys was riding high and fell hard!! It took him  a minute to get back up.
 Of coarse lots of cowboy hats.

 Love the feather:)
 Can't forget Old Glory.
 So serious

Bull riding is my favorite. Greg bought raffle tickets for the 6 guns they gave away no luck on winning one of them, but Kordell won the 22 shells. They were in a big plastic container mixed in with corn! He is going to have some hours of sorting to do....................JMF

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wed night mass...............

 I went to the Old church of Budus last week. It is Saint Ann's.
 These are some pictures I took in the little cemetery there.
 View of the lake in the peaceful cemetery.
 I saw a couple of older headstones that had been bolted back together.

 I couple of statues inside. I just loved them they were old and little worn with time.

I'll be back next year.........JMF