Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bomb winner and so much more!!!

 I love it when someone asks me to make them a quilt!! My SIL John needed a new quilt that's all I needed to hear and I started thinking of what fabric I had that would make a nice man's quilt. The last one I made him was 16 years ago and it was pretty well worn out. That's the way I think it should be I want my quilts to be used, so I can make more!!
 My neighbor Kay quilted it and I love how it turned out.

 I used mostly my stash  and I could make several more! I bought the sashing and found  half of the backing on sale.
 The other half is a plain brown.
 This is an awful picture I will have to take another one someday when I'm at their place.
 We were checking cows the other day and these cranes were hanging out with the cows.

 so were the copperheads.
 Time to get your ear pierced. At least he has a professional piercing  guy I had another girl from high school and a potato behind my ear ouch!!!
 Made this on a whim the other day.
 Love the horse block.
 This is the back.
Oh the winner of the bomb is Cuki from South Africa!! Congrats I have already emailed her so her package will be on it's way soon........................JMF

Friday, September 5, 2014

Do you want a fabric bomb?????????????

 Well I answered yes on Margaret's Blog and I got it! This is what I kept out of it.
 Lucas and I thought these little jingle bells were so cute.What I'm going to do with them is a me any suggestions?
 I like this red and white fabric and you can always use white on white fabric. The trim was neat and will probably end up on a pillow.
I think I was suppose to have something made with what I kept to show in this post...I will but just not in this post!!!! I have my bomb filled to the brim with all kinds of things!!!!!!!!!!!! I might need extra tape to hold the envelope together:)
Here are the rules.
T  the fabric bomber should try to be as creative in their selection of materials, buttons, beads, threads and whatnot, as the recipient will be in their use of them.
2.    The fabric bomb must fit into an A5 envelope, to keep postage costs to a minimum, and to make life easy for the postman.
3.    The recipient can make whatever they like with their fabric bomb–patchwork, toys, bags, collages, doodles, fabric books–anything goes. However, in the spirit of fabric bombing, the packet of scraps should be used creatively, preferably to try out something new, or something you wouldn't usually turn your hand to.
4.    You can add other fabrics to your make, but please don't just incorporate the fabric bomb into an existing make.
5.    You don't have to use every item in the fabric bomb in your make–but it would be great if you could!
6.    It isn't just about getting: once you've received your fabric bomb, please make a bomb of your own to send to someone else. Perhaps photograph the fabric bomb you've received, or the item you make with it. 
       You will need to blog about the fabric bomb and past it on  that way.
      So if you are interested in receiving my fabric bomb leave me a comment and be sure I can email you if you win. I will leave it open until Sept 13th..........JMF

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall calving, Pillows, and plants............

 The fall calving cows have started, and the  babies calves are so cute.
 It is better to see them in the grass than the snow!!!

 I made this pillow for the Children's Care Center silent auction, now I just have to get it to town!

 the back.

 Back to calving:) Even tho this is a yellow tag it goes with a purple tagged cow that's what the p stands for then the number of the cow and the date of the calves birth.We do have pink tags too oh no!!! These calves will stay where they are so it won't matter.
 Motherly love:)

 My garden wasn't the best this year but I do have a few pumpkins.

 My best flowers. I haven't been to good this year with my plants:(
 Another pillow.
I'll be back I still have to do the fabric bomb post...................JMF

Monday, August 25, 2014

The rest of the trip.........

 Most of us ladies went here when the guys went to Heartland Acres.
 This Arboretum was so nice and the man that showed us around had lots to tell us very interesting.

 All kinds of flowers and trees. One of the next project for them is going to be an orchard and the fruit will be given to food pantries.
 In the summer they have lots of weddings here in the rose garden.

 This plant is called a sensitive plant and when you touch the leaves they fold up like the one in the left hand corner of this pic. He said the kids really like it and I think a couple of old ladies got carried away touching it hope it didn't die:)

 The peacock was cool!
 The children's garden was so cute.

 All kinds of things to do. There was a pond with fish too.
 They have a scarecrow auction in the fall to raise money.
 Lilies in the pond.

 We made these wreaths out of pages from a garden/ flower book.
 I really like the peacock. They said they will move it next year and something new will take it's place.
 Then they will eventually have a sculpture garden.

This is the end of my pictures we had 2 days left but didn't take many pictures.
Next will be my fabric bomb post..........What??????????................JMF