Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lunch at the Birdfeeder and more.....................

 Carrie wanted a new summer purse so I made one!!!
 Using up some of the miles of ribbon and trim I have on the strap of the purse.
 I Love my hydrangea:)
 It was hot and muggy yesterday, but Sue and I bravely ventured out to  Twin Brooks to eat at the Bridfeeder!! We weren't there long and the train went by.
 Her theme this month is Caribbean the soup was a carrot ginger and was it good.
 The raspberry green tea is the best.
 I didn't get a picture of our people suet bites below is the ingredients. They were good I should try and make some. The woodpecker is her bird of the year.

 I ordered the Caribbean sandwich and Sue had the Chicken salad so we shared and had one of each. Both were very good. Homemade chips and pineapple coleslaw and fresh fruit.
 White chocolate covered cherry and an eatable flower:)

 The crowning touch was the dessert sampler.  Brownie, coconut, icecream, caramel, chocolate, piece of heaven!!! Raspberry breadpudding and coconut cream pie...........oh with coffee!
 My favorite.
 Out in the yard they made a good and fun use of a tree stump.
 Twin Brooks and the Birdfeeder is about 30 minutes northeast of Watertown.
 We made a small circle around the street and spotted these gunslingers outside of the only other business we could see.
 If you liked Beer it was a good day for one yesterday:)
 These rock pillars are on each side of the building right next to the Birdfeeder.

 This is across the street someone  has done a lot of deer hunting over the years.
Even the doghouse has some antlers:)..................................JMF

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New baby, flowers and pillows.........................

 My hydrangea is blooming this year I think last year it was on strike.
 Ranch work is never done:) cutting hay, baling and hauling bales home is a never ending thing this time of year. It's a good thing:)
 Fueling and cleaning the oats was rusty that he was cutting for hay.
 My Easter lilies are in full bloom. Nice big flowers.
 We have hummingbirds and orioles that come feed a few times a day. It's always fun to see them.
 This is a puzzle Paula gave me for my birthday! I think it is either good for my brain or it will drive me crazy the pieces are not shaped like most puzzle pieces. Lucas thought it is a strange puzzle:) I'm sure when I get it done I will be a lot smarter than I am now!!! LOL
 I'm not sure if I will glue it together right away or give it back and make her put it together first...LOL
 Lookie here whats new at our place. I thought I was the first one to spot it, but no Sarah saw it the day it was born and we didn't see it for 3 days. Greg even checked them out to see if any were going to have calves and didn't see the little guy.

 She needs to lose more of her winter hair.

 Miss Lily.
 I finished 3 more pillows. They will be donated in Sept.
 Steer erasers.

 Just need 2 pillow to put in these. I think 8 pillows is enough for awhile.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Class Reunion and pillow

 We went to my class reunion 45 years!!!!!!!!!!! It sure doesn't seem like it could be that long ago.

That's me in the pink pants:)

 It was fun to visit with old friends. We always say we'll keep in touch but never seem to follow through maybe this will be the year. This is a about 1/3 of our class I think we had 69 in the class of 1971
 This is Kordell's pillow to with his quilt from 2011.
Happy 4th........................JMF

Friday, July 1, 2016

Rachel's Pillow.....

 Another pillow in the quest to get the grandkids pillows made that go with their quilts.
They go camping so I thought this pillow would be a good one for her. She plans on using it this weekend. The back is a hodge podge of use it up so your scraps do not fill up the whole basement:)
This is her quilt.  More to come................JMF

Monday, June 20, 2016

Purse, Pillow and Plants................................

 I'm finally getting all the pillows made to go with the quilts I made the grandkids in 2011! This is Lucas' pillow and above is his or Johnny's quilt they both have the same center panel.
 I added batting to the panel piece and quilted it, the back is envelope style so you can remove the pillow for washing.
 They are all done now just waiting for each one's birthday to give them:)
 Sarah wanted a new purse for summer so I tried out this pattern it's hard to see but has 2 pleats in it.
 Used the last of the book fabric for the lining. It turned out to small for her billfold so back to the drawing board! I just might keep this one for myself haven't decided yet.
 Caught this butterfly on the game cam! I'm going to put it in the back yard and see what lurks around after dark.
 Most of my flowers are coming right along in spite of the heat and little to no rain. I water them everyday it seems.

 Easter lilies from the church they come back every year.
 We interrupt the flower show for the second new and larger purse:) I used some of my buffalo fabric for the lining of this one.
 I think this one will be just right. Now I just have to stop myself from making more:)
 My spiderweb hen and chicks are spreading like crazy and blooming. Little tiny flowers.
 I think I need some kind of  ground cover it make it look more attractive:)

 This is a new  one this year and it's name has chocolate in it but can't remember all of it.
 The bigger spiderweb chick.
 My old hen and chicks are huge this year, and red tips on the leaves. I think more than other years.
Maybe because he's watching over the plants they are doing better:) ............JMF