Thursday, March 14, 2019

Better than I deserve!: Kari's Western Quilt.

Better than I deserve!: Kari's Western Quilt.: This is Kari's quilt.   I love making star blocks and I love western fabric! Kari loves horses and unlike me she can ride them!!   ...

Kari's Western Quilt.

This is Kari's quilt.  I love making star blocks and I love western fabric! Kari loves horses and unlike me she can ride them!! A western quilt was a must for my DIL:)
This is the last of the Christmas gift quilts....for this year anyway! I have alot of fabric to use up so you never know!.........JMF

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Second name I drew out of the hat!

 I drew Sarah's name so here is her Peacock quilt I made for her Christmas present. I started it with a peacock panel and a picture of a quilt I found online.
Oh and don't forget the peacock feather fabric:) Kay quilted it. When I was at Sarah's one day I said "where's the quilt it should be on the floor or a chair" I made them to be used and they are it was on the bed. How can I make more if they don't wear them out??....JMF

Monday, March 11, 2019

Better than I deserve!: Quilts for Christmas

Better than I deserve!: Quilts for Christmas:   I made this quilt for my daughter for Christmas.   I found it on Pintrest one day and thought it was a good way to use scraps. The on...

Quilts for Christmas

 I made this quilt for my daughter for Christmas.
 I found it on Pintrest one day and thought it was a good way to use scraps. The only thing is I could make several more!
It was fun to make and wasn't hard at all just sewing strips  and then lay another one on and sew. I wish I would have kept track of how many hours I sewed. I never got sick of it because it was fun seeing how each block turned out and watching it come to life on the design wall...........JMF

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A road trip........

A couple of  friends and I went on a road trip a few weeks ago.

Our first stop was Faulkton SD to see the elevator painting!

read more about painting here
 It is huge and really cool.
 It was all done with spray paint!

  This is their quilt shop.
 I should have asked if I could take pictures inside it's a very fun shop with lots of fabric plus a coffee shop. What more could you ask for? Here's their website

 A couple pillows I made and donated.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Blogger's quilt festival.

 I am linking up to the Blogger's quilt festival you can find it here Festival

 I have shared this quilt before it was made with my Christmas presents from Jared's and Carrie's families.
 Quilted by Kay Becker.

 Over the summer I made a bunch of these little bags.
 Just because I guess:)
 2 aprons for 2 cute little boys:)
 I have made lots of aprons but hadn't made any for a long time so it was fun to make some again.

 These are Rachel and Ellie's bags.

This was a sampler quilt we made in the quilt guild I belong to. I just made the blocks and left the boarders. 
 It's on the chair or on the table.
 We have 8 buffalo calves this year. That's all for now hope to be back soon. I have no reason for not blogging all summer!!...JMF

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sewing and calving.................

 Checking for new calves we found on that needed to be put in the barn. Greg loaded it up in the sled
and away they go. It's always nice when they follow along.  
 Made just a couple more bags a matched set large and small.
 The love of the is the back of the teal,and gray set. I thought the love fabric added a nice touch!!  
 This little quilt was a quilt guild project. It is suppose to have more to it but I just wanted it to fit on my table so I didn't add the extra boarders.
 I just used scraps from my western fabrics.
 Kay quilted it with the barb wire motif. It's here till I get it on the table!
 More calving fun snow and some wind.  
Greg likes his cab on the 4 wheeler!  All we lost was some sleep.  Now the sun is shining so all is good til the weekend when we are suppose to get more rain and snow..........JMF

Friday, March 30, 2018

Only one left.......

 I saw these quilt as you go bags and a blog the other day . Pretty soon I had a bunch of them made up.
 I got the puff ball key chains on Amazon.

 I need to interrupt to show you the delicious Macaroons that my friend made us for our anniversary!! They were so good:)
 Another batch I got these fat quarters at Joann's in Brookings.

 Moda clothes pins:)
 This is the only one left I gave them all away. The first one went to the gal I get the best massages from! The 2nd one I gave to a neighbor girl.
 The rest of them went to my daughter, granddaughters and daughter in laws.
So guess what I'll be sewing this afternoon??..JMF