Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's been awhile..............

 I love my Indian pony canvas:)
 Kindof wild and free. As my coin purse says " she made yet another wise shopping decision" .......on Zulily!!
 Helping himself to the corn bucket.

 I made this book pouch the other day. The zipper didn't turn out the best but I know what I did wrong so will correct it on the next one:)
 Here is my paint stick clutch as seen  here
 It was a fun little bag to make.
A matching zipper pouch to go with it.
I'm donating them to a fund raiser..........................JMF

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stock show 2015..........

 We went out to Rapid City for the Stock Show. It was so warm out there, barely needed a coat!!
 I never get tired of the scenery out there. This is on the way to our friend's house by Deadwood.
 When we got there we visited and then went out to lunch. We parted ways after that the men went to Lead and up by Terry Peak to a mine. They had a look out point so you could stop and watch them at work. Very interesting to the guys:)

 We had a better and more fun destination.....Quilt shops:) First we went into Sturgis to the one there. It is in a house and she has lots of fabrics I got some western (of course) and some modern floral.
 Next stop was Spearfish and they have a great quilt shop. Of course Paula and one of the gals that works there knew lots of people in common!! That is almost always the case when we are with Gary and Paula. I guess we are just hermits we hardly ever run into anyone we know when we are away from Howard:)  I think next time I will find someone to pay to come up to us and act like we are long lost friends!!!
 We went to the rodeo on Wed night and it was very good all the top 10 in each event. Almost everyone scored and 1st place changed quite a few times.
 Thurs night we went to the show Black or White with Kevin Costner. It was very good.
 The deer are in Gary and Paula's back yard.
 Working on some things to donate to a fund raiser. This pillow and the bag below filled with books.

Books inside for all ages.......................JMF

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moving the last of the cows home...............

 Fri we moved the last of the cows home. They were 20 some miles from home. Suzie and Jared head out.
 Poor Tooties  she is left behind:(
 The cows were on some cover crop which is a radish and small grain mix. They loved it and came home fat and happy!!
 They didn't give  the guys much trouble and in less than 15 minutes were in the corral.

 Suzie  doing her job.
 Now get them loaded and on the road. We had 3 pickups with trailers. Instead of cooking for the crew I was part of the crew this time. I had a good little kid riding shotgun with me so it wasn't bad at all!! Thanks Lucas:)
I finished this yesterday will share it when I get it quilted and finished.......JMF

Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Christmas sewing and other stuff!!!!

 I made pillow cases for the grandkids and 3 foster kids for Christmas.
 So that was 10 in all.
 I put their presents in them and tied them shut. Easy wrapping:)
 I want a barn quilt we saw this one the other day by Dell Rapids.
 I found this pattern (free) on The Fat Quarter shop site. It is called Mini Charm Mix Table Runner
 I went together pretty fast.
 I got the back on sale at the quilt shop in Huron. I plan on donating it.
 All this nice weather we have been having and yesterday was the first day I went for  a walk. The guys were fencing.
 The snow is almost all gone.
 The cows were enjoying the weather too:)
 Water running  in the culvert.
 They spotted me and came to see if it really was me.
 They are thinking " I wonder where she has been these last few months?"

 She must have came out of hibernation!! I told them I'd see them again but not til it warms up:)
 He looks alittle like me in the morning before my coffee...grumpy!!
 I went behind the house to put more corn out for the birds and squirrels and took these pics back there.
 Green under the dead leaves!! Sorry this has to go come spring it is taking over everything.
 I love my hen and chicks.
A new project. I won a bag of Moda scraps they are strips of fabric  along the selvage. So I am using them and finding out they aren't quite wide enough. Oh well it's been kindof fun making these blocks, except when I goofed up!!...........JMF

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some Christmas projects

 I made this table runner for Carrie for Christmas. I was a quilt as you go and I did it in one afternoon!!
 I think  it took me longer to decide on the backing than to sew it.
 This is what I ended up with.
 I made this apron for my secret pal in the Belleview Birthday Club. Some day I will have to write more about the club it has been going since the 1950s I think.
One night the phone rang and it Tara calling to tell me she had worn the apron at her son's birthday party and it was a big hit. It's always nice to know when someone likes what you made. Thanks Tara, and thanks Dan for the shirt:)
 I made this bag for another friend Sue because she wore her first one out!!
 Here is our wild cat. Greg thought it should have a better shelter behind the house. I think I tipped the tub over to put corn on for the birds, anyway he cut a hole put alittle hay in it and now it's the cat house:) I told him as long as it continues to be wild he can stay!!
 Looking for corn. It's in the bucket.
 One day before Christmas Mike, Sue and I delivered beef roasts to the food pantry in Wesstington Springs. We are members of the SD Cattlemen's Aux and it is one of our projects.
 They were pretty happy and thankful for the beef.
We were so important that we got an escort out of town:) Not really just happened to get behind him, and then we wouldn't let Mike pass him so we followed him for quite awhile.....................JMF