Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

Monday, July 28, 2014

Better than I deserve!: Happy Birthday Greg............

Better than I deserve!: Happy Birthday Greg............:  I bought this kit at the Hill City Mercantile quilt shop in Hill City last Sept.It is Tatanka by JoAnn Hoffman  A couple of weeks ago I d...

Happy Birthday Greg............

 I bought this kit at the Hill City Mercantile quilt shop in Hill City last Sept.It is Tatanka by JoAnn Hoffman  A couple of weeks ago I decided to try and get it done for Greg's birthday which is tomorrow so I did it!!! So it's on the brown wall in the first pic even tho it doesn't look brown it is.
 I tried it on a couple of walls and we decided the orange  wall wasn't the one for it.
 We might try it on the bricks of the fireplace too.
 It was alot of tracing on to lite weight fusible and stitching with invisible thread.

 This is the backing I had 2 pieces of this that's why the gap in the middle:)
 My design floor in the basement! I didn't have to worry about Greg seeing it he rarely goes down there. See the people in the tepee?

 Lots of quilting.
Sun Dance Eagle Feather PDF Applique Quilt PatternThis is another one of her patterns I would like to make someday.
It is Sun Dance Eagle Feather. Now that I have the 42 inch circle cut out of freezer paper I am ready to do another:) My next project is patching some blue jeans When Jared saw what I had been working on he said "This is why you haven't patched my jeans"  yup:).......JMF

Friday, July 25, 2014

What I have been sewing...............

 This summer I have been branching out into different styles of quilts. I've tried some modern quilt patterns and it has been fun.
 This is the back of the black and pink. I got the map fabric on equilter.
 On sale:)

 Simple but fun!

 Modern cowboys:)

 I love that piece on the back. I think I got that on equilter too. I have had it awhile and finally it found it's home.

 A simple but fun quilt.
 These 2 are made from 4 bandannas I found this on pinterest but no instructions, figured it out tho.

 The bookmarks in action:)

 spiderweb block I want to make more of these the tutorial is here
 My dad made this quilt rack for my hubbies aunt and he bought it for me on their sale!
 My light table:)
 Getting closer to the end of this project.
Rachel's 4-H sewing she made 2 pillowcases also.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Since I last posted........

 Not much has gone on:) The kids came down with their fireworks one night.

 I think this was Lucas' grand Finale 300 screaming fire cracker type things!! Not sure how else to describe it:)
 I wish I could remember where I got these lilies. Maybe Charlene or I bought them???? I have 3 of them two reddish pink and the 2 tone one.

 Lambs ear who need some? Besides Carrie and we forgot to dig some up.
 A birthday present:)
 Love it!
 A new round quilt project more coming later on it.
 I thought the package said zucchini but this is what I got. I still think it is a summer squash of some kind.
 On my walk.
Waiting for Joe, try to always have my camera with me.............JMF

Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's up around here???

 A little bit of everything:) A sneak peak at a quilt I made.
 A new bird in the yard have to look up and see what kind it is.
 I dug this  quilt out of the quilt cupboard for my red July decor!
 The guys have been baling, after the rain cleared out for a few days then the next job is  hauling bales the bales home.
 These guys and the rest of their bunch are all tested and hauled out to the girls!!!!
 The green is everywhere thanks to all the rain we have gotten.
 Not everything I planted in the garden came up. We will have squash, cucumbers and pumpkins.

 If anyone wants some of the light green plant come and get it. I planted it a few years ago in the crock that sat in that spot. It was suppose to hang down the side of the crock which it did. Then it started rooting in to the ground and has come back every year. It is getting out of control:)

 I saw this pin cushion idea on pintrest. So I just had to make one.
 I got the donkey at Grandma Rose's antique shop in Huron. Sue and I have fun shopping there and had her jeep pretty full when we left town!!

 I finished the boy quilt panel and have someone in mind to give it too.
 I'm getting closer to getting my panel collections quilted and given away!!
We put the hummingbird feeder out and the orioles found it. We did see a hummingbird a few times too.
Greg stopped to visit his brother Joe yesterday and brought this buffalo home from Joe's grandson Cooper for us!!! Another buffalo for my collection!!! We love it Cooper:)...............JMF