Thursday, December 26, 2019

Moving cows and calves to pasture......

 Now it's time to move out to pastures, so they get some shots and away they go!
 If only it was that easy! 
 It looks like these 2 are having fun!!?? I just delivered their breakfast sandwiches.

 This is a new pattern I found on Pintrest. It's easy and uses lots of scraps.
 Lay your center piece on a muslin rectangle and then sew and flip.

 Trim the edges.

 We lost my husband's brother a year ago he was way to young. A gal made these Teddy bears out of his shirts.  Ours is on the mantel. It's been a year and it just seems like yesterday. Love you and miss you.
 I did get some birds to come and eat last summer.

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