Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sheep, Cattle, and Buffalo and my!!!!!

 Our grandson John wanted some ewes to lamb out. After alot of checking Craigslist and some begging his dad he bought 4 bred ewes! This old girl had triplets it took alot out of her and she took a few days to get going again. She is up and running now.
 He ended up with 7 lambs. These are the first lambs at their place in many years. My aunt and uncle raised sheep on this farm for many years. I plan on printing a picture out for Arlene, I'm sure it will bring back lots of memories for her.
 They are a wild bunch. The ewes came from Wy so not to used to people:)
 The back pen has his bottle lambs.
 The weather has been great for walking so I took my camera with me the other day.
 In a few days all these girls need to go to the calving pasture. We have had 2 calves already. One this morning, John spotted it on their way to school, and called Greg's cell to tell him about it that it was up but looked wet and cold. Mom and calf are in the barn now.
 Greg locked the buffalo up and even though they have plenty of room and feed they want to go back to the other side of the fence. It's always greener you know:)
 I think they just check everyday to see if the gate is open.
One of the fall calves soon they will be weaned and their mom's will be checked to see if they will have calves again in the fall. A farmer/ranchers work is never done......................JMF

Sunday, March 20, 2016

On our way home................

 We took Hwy 34 all the way home from the Hills. The first stop was Man Heaven!!
Cammack Supply in Union Center. A rancher dream everything he would need.
Railroad ties for fencing, corral panels rows and rows of them.

Some call these auto gate I call them cattle guards. They are buried in the ground in the opening to your pasture a pickup can drive over it but the cows can't  walk over it.
Portable cattle working equipment.
Bale feeders and so much more. We didn't stop in at the store maybe next time.
Before we left Union Center we visited Richard and Steve Harwood. They used to come to our place and a couple of our other neighbors places to hunt pheasants. Then our guys would go out there to hunt deer. It has been a friendship that has lasted decades.
Rolling hill almost all the way home. The best part was hardly any traffic

It seemed like we saw more cattle on the way out and back than we have seen other years.

Heifer time:)

Calving has gone good this winter unless you add up the lost hours of sleep!

Another purse.

I used the side of a blue jean leg for the side of this purse.
Then I used some farmer fabric for the inside of it...........JMF

Monday, March 7, 2016

Buffalo Chip and FTS......................

 Good bye to Devils tower someday I would go back and walk around it:)

 Next stop was in Sturgis to see the Full Throttle Saloon or what is left of it after the fire last year.
 I only took pics from the pickup which doesn't show all the damage. There are no building left in this main area.
 It looked alot smaller than it did on TV.

 They are suppose to rebuild.
 Next drive by was the Buffalo Chip campground. Now that is a big one!!!

 It goes on and on...........

 I can't imagine what it looks like during the Rally.

Several neat metal signs and this cross.

 One more purse done.

 I am even letting go of some of my western prints. I love that it is a little surprise when you open you purse to see the cowboys:)