Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Better than I deserve!: Back yard visitor.

Better than I deserve!: Back yard visitor.: This is what I saw when I got up this morning only he was using the grill for a scratching post. That's when I opened the door, and got...

Back yard visitor.

 This is what I saw when I got up this morning only he was using the grill for a scratching post. That's when I opened the door, and got this picture. He was the only one out must have been sick of hangin with the girls! Greg said he was over by the oil shed when he went out in the dark to check heifers. Then when he came back he was laying down and looks so relaxed so he finished chores. That's when he visited me.
 Lucas and I made these today. Pie crust nutella and some peanut butter chips.
 I didn't even take a picture after they were baked and of course they are gone now. We packaged up a couple a piece for Sarah and Johnny for their after school treat:)
 I found this free bunny pattern on the net so had to make acouple.
 Little flower for a tail on the girl. Sadly the boy didn't get a tail.
 One day when the table was clean!
I made this pillow for Sue for Christmas. Not a good picture, it did turn out cute.
snow tomorrow might ruin a few plans good thing I don't mind staying home:)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Skull, fabric and bibs.

 This was our 13 year old buffalo bull. We sold him to a meat packer last year, and just got the skull back. The picture doesn't show how big it really is! The horns are huge and heavy, and that's just the horn caps. The dark part of the horn slip right off. Not sure where is will hang. Greg said maybe the basement but he never goes down there,so that's not a good idea.
 Some of the fabric I bought in Rapid City. We went to Pearl Louise's quilt shop, that was awesome:)   We also went to Fabric City that's a nice shop too.
 It's a panel I will show you later what I do with it.
 Still making the bibs. They are fun to make and don't take to long.
 I just can't seem to stop!

 I hope my cold is better this week I am sick of sounding like (as Greg says) a coon dog with a coon treed     not funny when I am doing the barking I mean coughing. I would like to get some other sewing done. I have one that needs quilting so far it's laying over the frame near the sewing machine, but I don't think it will quilt itself.
I can't believe it I am running out of cute little girl western fabric for bibs!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The fun has ended:)

 This was in Bellagio everything was so pretty.
 It had several high end stores of course Paula and I got alot of new things. ( If you believe that I have lake side plots for sale too!)
 The flowers in the conservatory were beautiful.
 Lots of dragons

 Flower Children:)

 Now that's alot of flowers not to mention the time it would take to cover the children.

 Fremont street zip lines.
 The flight home.
 When we were coming into the Rapid City airport this is what I saw out the window..........Where's the landing strip? It was kind of scary but the airport is out of town a ways so it looks like you are going to land in a field til you are almost there.

This is what we saw when we got closer to home lots of frost. It was melted not long after we got home.
So that was our winter adventure we had lots of fun, laughs, beautiful sights, food, and have memories to last til next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to real life.........JMF

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Grand Canyon.

 This is on the way to the canyon lots of rocks and desert. Not like good ole South Dakota!!
 This was a big bird maybe a big crow?
 Here she is the Grand Canyon. I'm sure it's a she cus of it's Beauty:)

 Way down there was some water. The Colorado River runs through the canyon. If you saw the move  Into the Wild I think that was the river he went down to Mexico on.The pictures don't come close to how big, deep and awesome it is.

 Guess who?

 These are the best pictures of me well maybe could have been a little farther away! I can't smile on demand, and my eyes are either squinted or shut, so I like this picture!!

 This was a lodge. Maybe we will stay there someday.
 The mail for the town of Supai is carried by a mule train it takes 3 hours to make the 8 mile trip to get the mail to the bottom of the canyon. Supia is on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. You can only get there by foot, mule or helicopter. Who wants to ride a mule down with me someday?????

This is a view off the bridge at the Hoover Dam from the bus as we drove over it. When we came back it was dark and the Dam was all lit up.
More of Vegas to come.........JMF

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Adventure Continues!!

 We are leaving the Black Hills behind as we fly off to Las Vegas. The hills really do look black from the plane.
 I'm thinking this wouldn't be a good place to land...crash or parachute out of the plane:)

 And there's the strip the tall ones way out there!
 We stayed at Ballys and Paris was next door so we walked over there and decided to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower it is 1/2 the size of the real one. This the fountains at the Bellagio. We had a birds eye view!

 Another picture from the top of the tower.
 I noticed the green trees not much grass but the plants were so nice and green. It made ready for spring at home.
 The new bridge over the Hoover Dam. The next day we go over it twice!
 Greg,Julie,Paula and Gary. Sometimes we needed our jackets and then it would get warm and off they go.
 The turbines in the Hoover Dam. Yes we took the Dam tour!! My mistake we had the Deluxe Dam Tour. The guys seemed to enjoy it us girls just tagged along you know us, and all that mechanical  stuff. Yeah we'll just take your word for it. Water and magnets makes electricity for California!
 The Dam
 These little rodents were all over there. Don't feed them........

 This was at the Ethel M choco factory. Good chocolate yummy.

 We went downtown to  Fremont St. You probably won't believe me but that's Paula and  I. We just wanted to make a few bucks to put in the machines................Ok so it wasn't us but I had you looking for a second, and then you thought Julie isn't that tall LOL
 This is the light show down there. Something to see.
So that was the first 2 days in Vegas. We also went to a couple of shows and ate some good food.
Next stop the Grand Canyon................JMF