Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas gifts and Happy New Year..............

 I made this messenger bag for my librarian DIL!  My pictures could be better. One of the grandsons said oh your camera is old Grandma. I didn't think it really mattered til I looked at these picture:)
 The closure goes through a loop then up to a snap clear as mud right??

 One of 3 table runners. A farm theme for Jared and Sarah.
 It's longer than the picture shows and they have a new big dining room table to put it on.
 This one is Carrie's I really like it and am glad I have enough to make one for myself:)

 This is the back of Carrie's.
 Granddaughter Rachle's Ereader case.
 Carrie's pillow which was nice of her to forget so I get to enjoy it awhile longer! I also have enough of this to make another one.
 Matt and Kari's pillows I could have kept them too:)
 I hope they all enjoy their gifts.
 Not to often the squirrels get this close.
 A new project Carrie and I are going to be working on.

 We have had some snow and blowing as you can see he has to dig for his supper:)
This is my gift from Jared's family a barn star!!! I love it and will keep it in the house for while before hanging it outside. We received lots of great gifts including a gift certificate to Huron's quilt shop!!!....................JMF