Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crayon aprons, finches and races......................

 I made a few more crayon aprons for a gal in DeSmet.

 The Finches are back! They are so fun to watch the feeder is right out my kitchen window.
 I need to wash that window:)
 I belong to the SD Cattlemen's Auxiliary, and along with help from the Beef Checkoff Dollars we do a promotion at Huste's Speedway in Brandon SD.
 Our sign is on the 3rd turn and you can see it from the highway when you drive by the track.
Enjoying the free burger that we gave away one of 600!!! We also gave out 700 beef sticks, race flags and pencils with steer erasers for the kids. There wasn't as big a crowd as some years but still around 3500 race fans were there.We have done this promotion for 8 years.
still getting rain every few days....................JMF

Monday, May 20, 2013

I don't think I have attention problems but this post does!!!!!!!!!!

 After seeing the damage done to our trees by deer, buffalo and rabbits I don't think I will feed the wildlife for awhile!! Maybe next winter I will feel sorry for them and feed them again:)
 We got a few calves worked and out to pasture last week. We were going to do a bunch today but it rained that is fine with us.
 You said you were going to do what?????? We gave shots to our babies to keep them healthy so why not our calves? At least none of these guys ran out of the Dr's office like my husband and his sister did when they were little:) It didn't help them they still got their shots. I wonder if  a spanking went with it LOL
 Made a couple more aprons. I got the star fabric at the new quilt shop in Huron. It's in with the Java Hut.

 To greener pastures..

 Their summer home! I think we should all have a summer home oh what am I thinking we do it's the pickup checking these guys out to make sure they are still in their summer homes.

 Becky and John's presents.

 I took these on the way home from Brookings because Lucas wants to see how big their bills or beaks are. I don't think his idea about how to see them is legal (shooting one) so the pictures was the next best thing. Hunting must be in boys DNA at least in our family:)

 Last night we shut all the gates in Larry's pasture thinking we would be putting cows in it today. Oh well it's done now.
 This is just the cab of the pickup! The box is worse:)
 What is that motto Always be prepared I guess it's a good one.

If you read this Larry and Joan I love your pasture it's hilly, has lots of dips,big rocks and history!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I can't sleep:(

 Doing this instead of cleaning........ I think this was my Grandma's quilt, but got it after she passed away, so don't know for sure.
 This one I got from my Aunt, but think Grandma made it. It was just the top when I got it so I finished it. I hand quilted it because it was hand pieced if I remember right.
 This is one I made over 10 years ago. Paper doll quilt

 Another one that came from my Aunt Norma. It's a silky spread don't know a thing about it.

 It does have cool fringe tho!
 Another pieced top from Grandma's stuff. I should finish it someday.
 Another 10 year old quilt I made. It's Rodeo Stars.

 A kit I got out in Rapid City a few years ago. I use as a table cloth, not really bed size. I did get some cleaning done too mostly in the store room I have to quit collecting so many things.........
 New born calf this afternoon

 He was napping in the tire feeder..................
 until we drove to close and scared him out.
 Grass and water what more could they ask for!! Well I guess hay and silage every morning til they get to their pastures!
 Just wondering if  Spot is going to have a calf this spring and which buffalo cows look like they will have calves.
They need  a scratching post to get all that dead hair off.
 I better try and get to sleep................JMF

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rain and projects

 This is what Greg and I put together the other night.
 A Murphy bed or some call it a wall bed. Now I just have to get a mattress for it. I could have gotten one from the same place as the bed, but that would have been to easy! (dummy me)
 It is a queen size. I am thinking a wall hanging in there and a quilt on the mattress when I get one:)
 This deer looks alittle shaggy, and thin. There are 5 or 6 that live in the trees behind the house, so we see them almost every morning and night. Although this one was here around noon.
 Praise the Lord we got 2 inches of rain yesterday, and it is raining as I type this.
 Now the guys are all excited about getting cows and calves to pasture! Ordered the vaccine yesterday so it will be a go when the weather permits. I know 2 boys who will be very happy this weekend:)

 Mud it's a good thing!!!!
Now I will be mowing the yard in a few days, and I'm not even going to complain:) soon I will plant my garden too. Squash, pumpkins, snake gourds, cucumbers and maybe beans. Lucas if you are reading this that's our job next Wed when you are here!!......................JMF