Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sewing and calving.................

 Checking for new calves we found on that needed to be put in the barn. Greg loaded it up in the sled
and away they go. It's always nice when they follow along.  
 Made just a couple more bags a matched set large and small.
 The love of the is the back of the teal,and gray set. I thought the love fabric added a nice touch!!  
 This little quilt was a quilt guild project. It is suppose to have more to it but I just wanted it to fit on my table so I didn't add the extra boarders.
 I just used scraps from my western fabrics.
 Kay quilted it with the barb wire motif. It's here till I get it on the table!
 More calving fun snow and some wind.  
Greg likes his cab on the 4 wheeler!  All we lost was some sleep.  Now the sun is shining so all is good til the weekend when we are suppose to get more rain and snow..........JMF