Friday, June 29, 2012

Quilts, plants,bulls and pillow............

 I bought this quilt from the guy that bought the trunk it was in huh? To make a long story short I wanted the quilt and he wanted the trunk for his girlfriend. Sooo After I bid him way up and way past my limit I gave up:( Then I approached him and asked him if he wanted what was in the trunk and he said no unless it was money!! I said I wanted the quilt and then offered him some money (to much) but anyhoo I got the quilt.
 Well you might ask why did you want the quilt and the answer is in the next picture............................................

 This fabric is on the back, and I found out it isn't what you are thinking  the symbol is. Back in the day before Hitler made it an ugly thing it was called an iron cross or an Indian peace cross and means  good luck.
I am taking it to a gal that documents quilts so I can find out more about it. She did tell me that after Hitler alot of people destroyed any quilts with that fabric  in it. More about it next week after I take it to her.
 Got this cute little purse.......what for you ask????????? who know it's just cute isn't that enough???!!!
 These 2 dresses came out of the trunk too. The polka dot one is all hand sewn, and I'm sure that fabric is very old. I'm taking them to get checked out too.

 Got the pillow done for the silent auction at the Cattlewomen's convention in Denver. The picture is from the book Levi's lost Calf and can be found on Amazon.

 Today is the bulls yearly physical and then out to pasture!! Not in a bad way as in you are to old but in a good way cus that's where the girls are!!!!!! Kindof hot for hanky panky today:)

 The lone black bull.
 So remember all you gals and guys get your yearly checkups. It's important..............

 Soon we will be eating cucumbers yippy.
 pumpkins are coming along nicely
 That's newspaper around to keep the weeds down, but Lucas and I didn't get them covered so good. I think we thought of something more important to do in the house where is was cooler.

 What flowers I have are pretty nice considering the hot weather we have been having.
on to the next project............JMF

Friday, June 22, 2012

Paintings, pillows, quilts, and aprons.

 Sarah and Johnny went to a painting class the other day. It was for 4-H kids ( I think) anyway here's their paintings. I was impressed! It sounded like fun too.
 Ready for a frame.................
 I bought this printable from andrea from popalicious  and made this pillow.I gave it to a friend and their little girl. They have 2 dachshunds so I cut out 2 of the little pics of the dachshunds and glued them to the card and wrote "we love our baby sister woof woof" I loved working with the black and pink!
 Made this pillow for an order so it's sold.
 An idea for pillows don't know if I will do it again not wild about it. I think it's the picture of the horse he looks sad:(
 Made 2 aprons for a gal to pick from. It will be going to Denver this July for the silent auction at the 2012 Cattle Industry Summer conference.

 Another order for this pillow.
 That same idea again I like this one better.
 Last night Sue and I went to the ladies salad supper at Bethany Church. They had a big crowd. The food was the best!!!!!!!!! Pastor Becky Senner did the program centered around her quilts and the theme that God is Good All the Time.
 It was a very inspirational night. Such a wonderful message with lots of laughs thrown in on the side!!
 She made this quilt when her son-in -law had cancer. They have 2 children and one on the way proving that God is Good as they had them after his cancer, chemo, and everything else that goes with it.
 She had lots for beautiful quilts I didn't get pictures of very many of them.

 You can't see it but this one has beautiful hand quilting in the center. She won best of show with it.
 This one is South Dakota roads because you can travel for miles and never meet anyone. She had a little piece of black and white fabric to stick on it to represent a dead skunk something you do see on SD roads!!
The other apron to pick from. Which one do you think she should pick? Could be a prize involved ???................JMF

Friday, June 15, 2012


 <center><a href="" target="_blank" title="Handmade by Heidi"><img border="0" src="" alt="Handmade by Heidi" /></a></center>
 Friday Night sew in. I guess I'm working on pillows:) maybe I'll sneak in an Apron too.
Handmade by Heidi
 Here is my living wreath I made at the Women's Ag day in Brookings. Don't mind the Teddy Bear it is the biggest round thing I could find to set it on.
I added some hen and chicks when I got it home. Hope it lives awhile you only have to water it ever 2 weeks or so. I plan on filling in with more chicks and a burlap bow. I will put it outside but have to take it slow just a few hours a day for awhile. I'll let it root down before I shock it with the outside world:)......................JMF

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Still making aprons. I have one more order for a western one, sold one on a online auction. That means I can still make more:) Next project is a pillow for a silent auction.
 I signed my blog up on this site They have  lots of quilting blogs, classifieds, events, videos, and more. Take a minute or 2 to check them out.
looks like rain again tonight. very thankful for the nice rain we got last night................JMF

Saturday, June 9, 2012

 My newest apron. I am in trouble  they had a sale on equilter so the UPS man delivered a box, not a padded envelope a box.........
 The next week I rode with Greg to look at some sprayers, and wouldn't you know the town had a quilt store. Guess who sat in the pickup until the moment she rang up my purchase.... So then I heard really that little bag cost that much.......... Yes dear that's why I try to shop the sales:)
 We went up to Fort Sisseton for their fort days, and ranch rodeo. Matt's family met us there. So we had a good visit with them. We don't see them enough.

 I made this for Matt and Kari over 10 years ago.
 Finally the buffalo were up by the fence so I could take pictures from the safety of my car!

 when you see a buffalo with it's tail up like this one you better be in a car or a very fast runner cus she's getting upset!

 Fri Mary, Jean, Sue, and I went to Platte for a fun day of friends, food, and shopping and more food:)
 Here we are at Molly's Manor where we had a delicious lunch and tour of the bed and breakfast.
back row Marla, Mary, Jean, Paula (Marla's mom)
front row  Sue, me, and Shirley her daughter Jackie had a ready left. Every picture of me on my camera had the big glare on my glasses:(
 Donna at the manor was so nice and such a good cook and hostess.

 The buffalo were up by the fence to greet me as I got home. Well maybe not greet she was getting her calf up to walk away from me.
I'm sure she said get up there's the nut with the camera again........JMF