Sunday, September 25, 2011

Books, coat, and bibs...

I posted about a new book awhile back  Levi's Lost Calf, so here is the author Amanda Radke! I am a member of the SD Cattleman's Auxiliary and we sponsored 3 book signing for Amanda. We had a fun 2 days!! She sold books and we gave books and beef sticks away!!
Here is Little Red from the book. Isn't he cute and he's so soft and cuddly! The gals at   made him.
It's getting cooler so I thought I needed a jacket on my dress in the basement!
It was a gift from the same aunt as the dress Norma my moms sister. It is a felt jacket I have no idea where she got it. I sure wish I would have asked my ancestors more questions!!

I'll just say more bibs!!! The girls think I need a internet intervention maybe a bib one is in order too.....LOL  JMF

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall decorations and new book.

I found this weed and thought it was cool! Greg says it's wild onion.
I just like it!
 I didn't think my chicken showed up very good here so I moved him. I love that fall wallhanging.

Now he's standing above the wall hanging. Chicken with a horse picture in the background that's something you won't see everyday!!
 Some cute ideas in this book , but I have to finish cleaning the basement before I do anymore sewing. You heard it here so I better git-r-done!!
Greg's not a cowboy so I won't have to make everything in this book. a couple of things sound good like Buttermilk Pound Cake topped with Coconut Dessert Salsa, or Applesauce Caramel Cake.
Now I'm hungry........JMF

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silage, Pumpkins, Family and Apron

A view from the top............of the silage pile! I rode the 4wheeler up kindof fun!!

 The cutters came late on Tues and finished Fri afternoon.

Here's the finished product.
 Another view from the top.
 Last one!
 Now to cover up the pile.
 Tarp then the old tires to hold it down and dirt on the bottom.

3 tarps later, and it's still not all covered. Greg will start feeding off that end, but not for a few months we hope. So there ends another silage cutting at the Feldhaus'
 The frost the other night curled the leaves in the punkin patch!! Plus I quit watering them.
Bright orange!!!!!!!!
We celebrated Greg's moms birthday Sun. I won't publish her age cuz she's kindof a bionic woman she has 2 new hips, 1 new knee and a repaired shoulder so she could kick my you know what if I tell!!!!!!!!!! Not really she should be proud she doesn't look or act her age!!and I mean that in a good way. anyway I'm the short one in the front with the purple and white T shirt.
Not much on the sewing front just this simple little girl's apron.
that's all folks........JMF

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silage cutting and buffalo pillow.

The silage cutter came late Tue afternoon.
The dust is something it doesn't even settle before the next truck comes.
Greg couldn't keep up packing the pile so Jared got Kim's tractor and helped.
 I took my mother in law to Sioux Falls today so put beef stew in the crock pot,  and a salad in fridge. Greg said it was good and all the guys liked it too.
 Made this pillow yesterday. I have to move the button up a ways doesn't work where it is.
moved plants in might freeze tonight.......JMF
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Monday, September 12, 2011

More fall calves, and more bibs!

The calves are growing so fast in this nice weather.
They were running around havin fun like little kids.
These 2 were play fighting but of course when I took the picture they quit!

Here's 3 more bibs enough with the bibs I promise, I have to move on. Maybe back to aprons!!!!!!!!!???????????
I love fall......JMF

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 more bibs

I made 2 more I just wish I had a baby here to try them on!!!!!!!
 Here is the link for the pattern
 She left a comment and the address Thanks a bunch.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bib and quilt in progress.

I found the pattern for this bib on a blog sorry I'll have to try and find it again so I can give her credit. It's so cute little arm holes and ties in the back! Now I have something cute to make and donate for the church  bazaars. I have two more cute out for sure I'll have to make a western one!
I added a felt flower to jazz it up even more! The pink isn't just right but all I had. It's on my list when I get some where   Felt.
I'm quilting this in between everything be revealed much later!!

Working Calves.

It's already time to vaccinate the calves, and bring the bulls home. Wow where did the summer go.
They aren't so sure they should go up the alleyway. Kindof like us when we took our babies to the Dr for their shots. Now they have 2 nurses giving shots at the same time poor babies. It sure beats having them get a life threatening illness. That's why we vaccinate our calves too. With fall comes hot days and cool nights a great way for calves to get sick, if we can prevent that it's easier on everyone.
Like us the moms watch to make sure their babies are returned to them.

The grandsons got a little excited moving them through the tub. So I told them you need to watch the Temple Grandin movie again. She is a leader in safe humane cattle handling. The movie is very good. She advocates being as quiet as possible  while moving, and working cattle. The boys were just so happy to be helping they had  a few extra yells as they moved the calves down the chutes!
They worked over 100 so that was a good day considering they had to move everything to 4 different pastures. At it again today. I made tatertot hot dish, but they might eat in Carthage. Supper will be easy warmed up tatertot hotdish!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep safe during fall duties!.....JMf