Friday, April 27, 2012

Quilt Guild show and tell with a surprise mid way..

 Here is our show and tell from quilt guild last night.
 wool block of the month. They were all so cute.
 I really need to take better pictures:)

 a simple table runner a member won.
 Jewelry pouch for travel.

made out of a hot pad. holds your scissors can also be a pin cushion
 Our newest members quilt.
 She designed the pattern.
 Ipad bag.

 Oh spot how did you get in here! She had her calf this morning. She is John and Lucas' longhorn. She was bred to a Charolais bull so we were all hoping for a spotted calf. We were disappointed. On the way out to see it I asked Lucas what will you name it? Maybe polka dot, little spot but alas it will be No Spot!!
 Back to the quilt show and tell.

We are getting a nice gentle rain this evening looks like it will last for awhile. Good for the pastures, hay  and the corn Greg planted the last couple of day.
We are Blessed................JMF   PS: fun day planned for tomorrow with Paula and Shirley.... Brookings quilt show!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mug rug and lunch to the field.

 This little mug rug is at home with Nancy now, along with the as the crow flies apron. She said she even took them to coffee up town:) Glad you like them.
 This one is being used by me now!!
 I think I will have to keep one of these too.

 This big crow would eat your cookie if you set it to close! What can I say the crow was a mistake from a few days ago. You know I can't throw fabric away:)
 Lunch to the field.

 I rode to the other end and drove the pickup home, then walked back and got the 4wheeler. Found some asparagus ate it as soon as I got home!! I just microwaved it for 1minute 45 seconds in a little butter sprinkled some Parmesan cheese...yummy

 a tree has fallen it looked pretty rotten, but neat in a way.
 Took this pic while I was waiting for Greg. I'm sure we should be doing something crafty with that old wood. Maybe I should get on pinterest and find something LOL...........JMF

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aprons, cows, and more................

 The cow watches Greg as he tags her calf.
 The sky got so blue but we didn't get any rain.

 This little cute calf isn't out of our bull. That sometimes happens when the neighboring bull visits your pasture:)

 Not a good picture but the squirrel wasn't happy this morning that his feed got dumped. Later when I looked the box was back down.
 As the crow flies apron. I got a new book in the mail and this pattern minus the top of the apron was in there. I think I'll make another like it without the bib part.
 Then I started something else.
 All of a sudden I remembered I didn't put the ruffle on the apron!
 It is officially done now.
 I finished the strips from the pic above. It's a mug rug. No I didn't cut out 2 birds facing the same way, in fact I cut the big  one facing the wrong direction too. Does anyone need a crow??
 I don't know why but I love my mug rug there's room for a big cookie on it too:)
 Another apron..............
 with a flower.
My favorite cup from Glacier Nat park 2 chocolate peanut butter eggs.
 We went over to check the cows only found a couple including one just born. To wet to tag, Jared will get him in the morning.
 Took salt and mineral to the fall cows and calves.
 Do ya think they should be weaned?????????