Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Hop!!!! with GIVE AWAYS!!!!

 Starting next week (27th) there's blog hop with give aways YES!! Here's what I have rounded up so far, thread, playing cards, pin cushion , mug rug,tote and a bigger tote plus more!! Click on the link to visit all the blogs.
 all you have to do is tell me if you want the chicken bag or............
 oh and that little rose flower maker.

 Vintage button on tote...well maybe not I  can remember these buttons and I'm not vintage maybe I should call them used buttons:)
 cow bag
 dog bag
 calf bag
or cattle bag. That's it just tell me what you want and you just might get it!! I will put all the goodies in the bag of your choice, and deliver it to your house...........or mailbox!!!
Good luck...............JMF      P.S. Just mailing within the US.  P.S.S. maybe I should mention that the BlogHop box to the right of this post is where you can find lots more blogs and prizes, starting at midnight Sun. I hope I didn't for get anything else.......still JMF (I think)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Librarian Tote Bag.

 I saw this fabric the Connecting threads catalog.  Our DIL just got the Librarian job at the school, so I had to order some!
 I see I didn't get a picture of the blue fabric with all the stamped dates to bring your book back. I used that for the lining.

Here's her tote! she used it this morning and she gave it a good report:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

This, that and Butterball..............

 I had a wild idea for my mantel the other day. My aunt Norma's camera stuff, and pictures of mom and dad and us!!
 Now that I see the ones on the window I'm not liking it the pictures need to be bigger.
 See the old flash deal the battery still works cus when I put the blub in it went off in my hand....OUCH it burned my finger....... When we looked at the battery it's an old 221/2 volts. I bet it is over 20 years old and it still tested good.

 That is a little mini camera on the bottom it says Made in occupied  Japan. I found them on the Internet maybe worth $75.00 to $100.00. it even has a little roll of film in it.
 All of us except Amy wasn't born yet.
 Our brother Leslie.
 .70cent flowers at Hobby Lobby.

 Grandpa and grandma Hall, mom and dad, and grandma Kundsen.
 The cute little girl is me oh and the other one is my older sis Ellen:)

 2 more crayon aprons. Good time of year to buy crayons school supply sales so I stocked up.

 My first attempt at a boys one.
 Finally saw a humming bird long enough to get a picture.

What a fun achievement days for Johnny and Butterball. This was his first year showing a calf. His uncles and dad helped him pic the calf out of the Feldhaus herd!  drum roll..............2nd in Beginner Showmanship, purple on the calf in Charolais class, Reserve Champion of the steers. Yes that's Johnny's legs behind the calf he handled him like a pro. There was some proud parents and grandparents congratulating him when he came out of the ring..............................JMF

Friday, August 3, 2012

10 Crayon Aprons all in a row:)

 A gal from Fl wanted these! They will go in the mail tomorrow.
 After emailing pictures of fabric combinations to her this is what she decided on.

 I hope that doesn't look like a fried green egg!!!

 The Scottie dogs are a favorite of mine!!
That's all folks....................JMF

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I have been doing...............

Jan wanted some bags for her sisters. Hope they like them.

 Sue's MIL gave me the dog food bags. I need to make her a bag out of one of them.
 Then I had an order for 2 aprons. I love this one I hope she does too.
 cowgirls and Indian princess'

 I've made one like this before, that one went to Denver for a silent auction. I heard it brought $50.00!!

 These pictures are about 3 weeks old of the garden.
 The pumpkins are alot bigger and getting orange. John and Lucas wrote their names on there's with a nail. They are scaring over nice and growing with the pumpkin.

 The cucumbers are nuts. We can't eat them fast enough. Lucas' chickens have gotten some they like them too.
If you are driving by stop you can have all you want:)
time to think about dinner..................... I wonder how far Coach's Corner delivers???????????JMF