Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and some other stuff........

Last week I stopped in High Maintenance and found this plate. I think it's neat and for a couple of bucks (no pun intended!!)it's really neat!! It is now part of my fall decorating it will be dear season soon so he fits right in.

That same day some of us gals met for lunch at Higher Grounds for Mary's birthday that's her hand in the picture:) When I took her picture she said "that better not be on your blog" no one trusts me with a camera anymore!! The picture of her is a good one tho I really don't think she would have cared maybe I'll put it on facebook.............................just kidding.

We put some corn out and these guys are back. I'm waiting for the blue jays I saw them one day, but the squirrels must be the boss for now.

Happy Halloween this next picture is a scary one so be prepared. I'll give you a little time to get ready.

EEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!! I can now say I'm either the favorite grandma or the worst mother-in-law after this one... We were at our church fall festival so John, Lucas and I went out to the games I love a good cake walk!!! Lucas won and this is the cake John and I "helped" him pick out!! Really it's not a real rat, of course you knew that but we put the lid back on real tight just in case .... The dumb part is that I am deathly afraid of mice and rats (did I mention their mother is too) but seeing Lucas carrying that cake around showing it to anyone that would look was priceless. He was the lucky one he won $27 on the pull tab game.  We sure had fun. We'll see if I am allowed to take the boys to the cake walk unattended next year!!!That make me think did you ever read the book Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson,MD? It's a good one.
 I almost forgot Sat was another girls day out we went to Mitchell to the Holiday Extravaganza  lost of fun booths. What could be better friends, sister, niece and her daughter, shopping and good food.
happy trick or treating............JMF

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Day in Sioux Falls, and bibs

Monday Carla and I went to Sioux Falls for our annual checkup.....every girl needs one:) Our first stop was the mall tho!!!!!!!!! I had some things to take back to Christopher Banks, but left with a full bag. Half off everything in the store I couldn't resist, I got a cute jacket, a pair of jeans, belt and necklace. Next stop was Olive Garden for lunch with Ellen, good food and visit. A quick stop at Joann's Fabric and on to the "appointment" :)
 Our last stop was Peachwave a frozen yogurt place lots of choices of yogurt and toppings VERY GOOD!!! It's at the bridges on 57th and Western.
 Yesterday I made a couple of Christmas bibs.
 This was leftover fabric from the apron I made the other day so I just cut out the bibs instead adding it to the stash. I think I will try and do that more often.
This is the dresser in the bedroom I just can't get a good picture of it, and I don't want to be in the mirror and ruin the pic:) Anyway it's my attempt at fall decorating turned out ok I think. The cowgirl decanter was my Aunt Normas it says Dakota Cowgirl just take her hat and have a swig!!!!!!!
Just a couple of days at the neighbors and the combine can go back in the shed. The corn was very good this year. One more thing on the Thankful list..............JMF

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Fall

Some cute things found while browsing blogs! I think I might put this one on a pillow if I ever get some seasonal ones made.

My latest apron. I like it. Greg said "you don't even wear aprons" silly boy I don't need to wear them to make them :)
a season to be thankful.......JMF

Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost a year since I started this!!

 It's almost been a year since I started this blog my first post was Oct 23rd. Here are 2 pictures that I took a year ago. That tree is almost dead now to much water this spring.
These are last years calves. This picture tells me we have our calves weaned earlier last year. Why? Because they haven't made it to the big pen yet they are next door in the smaller pen til they get used to not having their mom with them.
 So here are this years.
 Just getting off the trailer to join the rest of them
These are  from outer space their eyes are always watching you!! I've never heard of a horror movie with cows in it. Really it was getting to dark to take knew that? didn't you? spooky

oh the chickens...........I am still waiting for my farm fresh eggs girls get a move on............JMF

Friday, October 14, 2011


Well the mystery is solved this cat was over by the house the other day, so he or she must live in the granary by the dog food.
 The cam took the first picture of the cat at 8:13pm.
But wait she has company................

 The neighbors dog!! I think the 1st picture of him was at 10:14pm. Then at 2:27am the cat was back.
At 3:06am it was the dogs turn again!!
There was a few more  pictures and then not much until 7:30 am then it was Johnny's dog Bell. I think I will leave the cam there for a while and see what else we catch in the dark of night!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aprons and game cam.

 His and Hers aprons. I took them into High Maintenance today a long with some bibs made from pheasant feather fabric. Hope they sell!!
 Can you see the tail in the grass???
 Say cheese:)
 I think he's had his picture taken more than once. I just wish once when I check the pictures there would be a monster buck!!!!!!
Those raccoons are leaving the corn field, I wonder where they are going now??
 Tonight the game cam is in the granary  pointed at the top of the pallet of dog food. Everyday one of the bags has a hole in it we think it's a cat we should know tomorrow. It will be revealed to the world ( maybe not the world just a few people that read this ok mostly family!!) in the next post!!
to be continued...........JMF

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moon and cows

I took this picture last night will have to try and remember to get more pictures as the nights go by of the full moon.I love it when it is a big orange ball in the night sky.
 This  is a cover crop that was planted after the winter wheat was harvested. I guess it is a mixture of sunflowers, soybeans, a grain and radishes. It's not ours but we just checked out!!!
 That's a radish!!
There is about that much under the ground too. I don't know all the facts about it but I guess it is good for your ground. Or they wouldn't do it!!!!!Dah!!!!!
 I was out with Greg this morning bringing creep feeders home before we wean calves, and took a few pictures. He's almost as big as his momma!!
 The calves look so good. I don't know how some groups can say we don't take care of our animals. As a rancher we have to take good care of them or we wouldn't make a living at it. We have raised all kinds of animals, cows,pigs,sheep,dogs, and geese at one time or another. I can tell you it is way easier to keep them healthy then to treat sickness. Besides it making me sick to my stomach to see a pen of sick calves, it's a whole lot of work to take care of sick animals, not to mention the cost. I know their are bad apples in every group but don't lump us all together....I'm done thanks for reading:)
 The cows love it when Greg cleans out the creep feeders it's their version  of candy!!
Black and white makes a good calf:)................JMF

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pictures from the game cam.

Greg put the game cam out awhile ago. Haven't had to many pictures on it yet. Got this small buck acouple of times.
 Several pictures of does.
and this coyote. It's just fun checking it to see what goes on at night when no one is watching. Just so we don't see a mountain lion!!!!!!!!!
Did some sewing the last couple of days will post pictures tomorrow. Now that my computer is backup to speed I'm a happy girl again!!!!!!!!!! I will get back to posting.
over and out.....JMF

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pictures and a few words.

 I took my camera the other day when I went for a walk here are some the pictures I took.

 This was Sept 27th the leaves are changing fast. I love this time of year....until the wind blows and all the leaves are gone to soon.

 The guys hauled old tires from the dump site in town. It looks like we have enough now!!
 These pictures are from Sept 30th.  Boy the dust is something else they worked the fall calves today.
 Now they can go back to the pasture.
 Alittle more color than a few days ago.

 I didn't walk with this little critter just next to the prints they left. There was a coyote picture on the game cam tho but these weren't big enough prints to be his.

 Bell waiting for me. She has been visiting the last couple of days. So far she has chewed a pumpkin and some squash I set out for decorations. Bad girl but she is so sweet I can't be mad at her!! She went home to Johnny last night, so she probably won't be back for a few days.
 Someone didn't dust out his combine when he put it away last year!!!!!!!!!!!!
ooooooohhhhhhhh aren't they cute  13 babies and she's doing an excellent job raising them.
Life is so good..........JMF