Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's up around here???

 A little bit of everything:) A sneak peak at a quilt I made.
 A new bird in the yard have to look up and see what kind it is.
 I dug this  quilt out of the quilt cupboard for my red July decor!
 The guys have been baling, after the rain cleared out for a few days then the next job is  hauling bales the bales home.
 These guys and the rest of their bunch are all tested and hauled out to the girls!!!!
 The green is everywhere thanks to all the rain we have gotten.
 Not everything I planted in the garden came up. We will have squash, cucumbers and pumpkins.

 If anyone wants some of the light green plant come and get it. I planted it a few years ago in the crock that sat in that spot. It was suppose to hang down the side of the crock which it did. Then it started rooting in to the ground and has come back every year. It is getting out of control:)

 I saw this pin cushion idea on pintrest. So I just had to make one.
 I got the donkey at Grandma Rose's antique shop in Huron. Sue and I have fun shopping there and had her jeep pretty full when we left town!!

 I finished the boy quilt panel and have someone in mind to give it too.
 I'm getting closer to getting my panel collections quilted and given away!!
We put the hummingbird feeder out and the orioles found it. We did see a hummingbird a few times too.
Greg stopped to visit his brother Joe yesterday and brought this buffalo home from Joe's grandson Cooper for us!!! Another buffalo for my collection!!! We love it Cooper:)...............JMF

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quilt Show in Mitchell..........................

 I met a friend in Mitchell on Fri, after lunch we went to the quilt show. Here's a sample of  some of the quilts we saw.
 This one was so cute but the pic doesn't show it
This is one of the rows in it
 This one used a curved piece like the double wedding ring quilt.

 This was alot of fussy cutting,but was well worth it. It was  a very nice quilt.

 They had lots of row quilts. It was so fun to see how different they all were. I think there was every season covered.

Also there were some old quilts like this postage stamp quilt. It was a fun day even if neither one of us won the sewing machine they raffled off:(  ........JMF

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm back!

 I never went far just haven't been blogging!! Nest check:) Lucas and I checked on these robins the other day it wasn't to many days later and they had flown the nest.
 We picked some radishes. My garden is a sight weedy  because I didn't get the guys to haul in enough ditch hay to cover it. Only about half of what I planted came up.
 On Sat we went to Fort Sisseton it was a  nice cool day.
 Our oldest son, his wife and boys did a mounted shooting exhibition. There was a pretty good crowd there to watch it. a few other guys shot too.
 This was the last flag to fly over the fort, and they are trying to have it restored.
 A pillow request. It was so fun to make. His initials for his brand K.L.J. I drew it up a couple of ways then asked Greg to think of some and this is his.

 Laurie and I had the booth at Ag day for women in Brookings on Tue. I see I took these pictures before we got our colorful  beef sign up oops!!
 Of course we were promoting beef with recipes and beef info. The steer erasers and  pencils  were a big hit!
I am finishing up a couple of quilts so I'll be back with them in a day or so...........JMF