Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beef, Birds, Garden and Wind.

Last night was Beef night at Huset's speedway in Brandon. The SD Cattleman's Auxiliary has sponsored the night for 6 years. We work with Mark Tassle from KXRB radio in Sioux Falls. He's so easy to work with and brings his wife and cute little son with them to our meeting! Well long story short the race got rained out, but not before the gals gave out 400 free beef burgers. We will finish our beef night at another race with some more give aways hope there's no rain that night.
Lucas' kittens he's pretty proud of them!

My cucumbers and pumpkins are trying to come up. I planted them where the old house was, and it's alot of clay. I am hoping for the best tho. I hauled some grass clippings and put around them. I bought some pren to put down after they come up to stop the weeds.

The boys and I were on another adventure today and checked on the baby robins they are almost to big for their nest. I don't know if the spruce trees new growth was ever this pinkish color before, but there was alot of them on one of the  trees this year. I'll have to watch and see what happens they are to high in the tree to get at tho.
Did anyone else notice how windy it was today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the plastic almost blew off the silage pile.
at least the sun was shinning........JMF

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vintage tooled leather purse.

Here's my consignment store purse.
little billfold under flap.
And are you ready for this??????????? It's reversible!! I know I thought it was cool too!! Thanks Ellen for spotting that and the purse in the first place.
Same little billfold under the flap.
I don't know why I've wanted an old purse like this maybe I was a real cowgirl in a former life!!!
 I won a fat quarter bundle on the blog where you could post a quilt, which I did anyway my name was picked as one of the winners. This is my fabric.
12 fat quarters.

Now the BIG question  what do I make out of them. So far I have petted, fondled, admired, and  refolded them but I think I should do more with them someday!!!!
think dry and warm........JMF

Friday, May 27, 2011

On the road again and again.

I'm almost to tired to write about this!! My first stop on Thur was here for  my yearly mammogram. It didn't take long didn't hurt and I the gal told me about a great website!! So everyone 40 or older get your mammograms. SAVE THE TA TA'S
I had lunch Ellen and then we went to a consignment shop I found her a purse and she found one for me. I will post pics tomorrow of it. I was very excited about it!! After Hobby Lobby, Office Max the mall, Walmart, Dell Rapids I went to Madison to quilt guild. Charlene brought a cool wool table runner she made.
Today Greg needed to go to Mitchell and Huron so another day on the road . We stopped at Carrie's and visited the kids are getting so big. Rachel was packed for an overnight stay at Grandma Betty's she was pumped about that! Regan get taller every time we see him what a cutie!
We had pizza for supper I love pizza! Drove home in the rain when we got close to home Greg said " looks like everyone got a nice rain." We looked at each other and burst out laughing... I guess it's better that crying.
good night.....JMF

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eggs, naked birds, pillow, and plants....

Lucas came home with me from working calves, so we had a little adventure. We found a nest with eggs.
And one with baby birds. It was a little to high for a grandma with short legs so he didn't get a good look at them til papa came home and lifted him up so he could get a good look and a count! Papa showed him another nest with babies too but we didn't have the camera. I'm sure you are thinking wow I would have loved to see another pictures of bare naked baby birds!!
Then we finished frosting the cupcakes and went to the basement. He played and I started working on this idea I had.
The scraps of leather came from the SAS shoe factory in San Antonio TX and the lace was in some of my Aunt Norma's stuff I think.
A couple buttons and some rope and it's a pillow!
Yesterday I made 4 pillow cases our quilt guild gives them to the safe house in Madison.
I like to see how much this grows but the end of summer.
I always remember seeing these in Howard and Esther Grants back yard and loved them. Now I finally have some.
I moved these over from the old yard and they survived.
I moved these too last July I'm surprised they made it.

If anyone wants Hen and Chicks call me I pretty sure I can spare some. I've moved some to the other side of the house too. That little lime green thing was a hanging plant I had in the crock 2 years ago and it trailed down and rooted there, and it comes back every year too.
maybe spring is really here.....JMF

Monday, May 23, 2011

Geese and a dress from the 50s

What a sight! I love the green grass in the pastures. We still just have 5 calves hope the others will have calves soon.

We were going over to check cows so I made Greg stop so I could take a couple pictures of the geese.
Mom wasn't to happy with me. I hope they all got back together.
I got this out of the cedar chest and ironed it and hung it in my sewing area.My aunt Norma gave this dress to me. I'm not sure how old I was. I'll have to try and find a picture of me in it. Pretty snappy......JMF

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I made an Apron today for one of Sarah's friend. It was from the book The Perfect apron by Rob Merrett.
You had to ruffle a piece and a gal out at the Custer quilt shop gave me a real good hint. Set your zig zag to the largest setting and sew over floss then you can just pull the floss and it gathers it up. So easy!
It's coming along nicely.
It's got a pocket in the middle of it I think I like it!!
Here's the book.
 I got the binding sewed on this quilt.
Now it's just waiting for a baby.
That's all for now I think we are going to rent a movie and sit back and relax.
where's the popcorn...........JMF
 I'm linking this post to http://www.thetraintocrazy.com/    check it out lots of fun things to see!

Friday, May 20, 2011

New bird, Buffalo, and water on the way to Britton.

I found it in the bird book. It's a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. It has a beak on it alright!!
I don't think it wanted it's picture taken... you want a piece of me..
Evil Eye! I have to get the feeder moved they are making a mess out there.

We have 5 buffalo babies so far. They are cute but can't get to close to them. The cows are shedding their winter coats. They will look better after they get rid of it.
I went to Britton yesterday to Kordell's class musical, Pirates was it ever good. Those kids did such a terrific job. Such cute songs. Kordell was the whitebeard so of course he had a white beard and hair. He had several lines too. And the ice cream afterwards wasn't bad either chocolate covered cherry cyclone yummo!! Thanks Matt and Kari!
lots of water on the way up there.
Sorry about the spots on the car window but I was driving should have rolled the window down it was dirty!
All the water pictures are on the Fort Sisseton road.

Barn at the fort
Uh oh
not to deep I made it.

Same thing on the way home. It was a fun day I shopped my way up and back from Britton!
grandkids are the best....JMF