Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's mantel............

 Just had to throw a pic of the squirrel in. I'm glad I put corn out for him it's so cold today.
 I found the red vase at Urban Junk in Madison. I bought some other decorations at Shopko and Loopys.

When Jared stopped the other day there was one of their cats in the back of the pickup so he put it in front to get it back home. I think she enjoyed laying in the sun.
Stay warm......................JMF

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cows and Quilts...............

 Moving cows to new corn stalks.
 Lucas and I watched the highway lucky for us no cars. The cows weren't in a big hurry either. Within a few minutes of them all getting across the oil a semi came......good timing:)

The 2 sided cat pillow I made for a gal's birthday.

 Christmas kitty:)
 I think this is the second quilt I made in 2012! I mean I only made 2 all year that has to be a record for the last 16 years.......oh my
 The back.
I am going to try and finish up some things that have been in a box, tote, etc for way to long. That's my goal you are my witnesses:)
 At quilt guild we had a demo on the Mile a Minute quilt. It is a way to use up scraps.

 You just might have to google it if you haven't seen it before. I think I will try it I have so many scraps.
 This picture doesn't do the quilt justice it is so pretty.
 Knitting needle storage.
 Purse from a man's tie.
 small table runner.
 a found quilt top
 bright colors I really this one.
 Happy Valentines day
I love this little snowman hanging. This small quilt show has been brought to you by The Prairie Piecemakers Quilt Guild. If you want to see more look us up on Facebook!..........JMF

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There's a new Sheriff in town!!!! and more

 And he lives at  my house:) He is my Christmas gift from Jared's family. He looks so cool by the fireplace even with flowers by him!
 What shall I name him??? Maybe I should have a contest.
 This is what I get for making Greg go along with me to Pierre to a meeting, and he has time to kill!! He went to Runnings to buy gifts for the guys and me:) We don't always get Christmas gifts for each other, but I'm glad he did this year. He said it seemed just right because of the 3 rings Matt, Carrie and Jared. He's right one for each of our kids.
 He also gave me the kissing couple:) It's called One for the Road. He kept saying that to me every time he left the house for days before I opened it. Then he's like get it?? Now I don't think he's said it since..LOL
Then my new favorite slippers from Matt's. I wear them everyday, they gave me a candle and they make a donation in our name to help the poor.
And here is the best thing if you aren't a fan of ironing. Carrie's gave me this steamer I just hang my clothes on the shower rod and few few passes with the steam  no more wrinkles. It fits behind the bathroom door so it's always handy. I hope she likes hers as well as I like mine.  No picture of the snowman peeps she gave me. I did manage not to eat them til Lucas was here one day and he got a couple of them, but the rest were mine. I just love those sugar coated marshmallow treats! I think they started having them for every holiday just for me:) I wonder Groundhogs day peeps.... I would eat them.........JMF

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pillow, apron wedding and a injury...........

 I made this pillow for Sarah for Christmas. Hopefully she will get some real Peacocks this summer.
 So I know it's been awhile since I posted. 3 weeks ago today our son Jared cut his right hand on a piece of tin. It cut all the tendons in all the fingers. To make a long story short he ended up in MN for surgery and now is on the long road to recovery. It takes 12 weeks for the tendons to completely heal. There is lots of therapy to be done, which he has already started. I just thank the good Lord that he was sent to St Mary's in Rochester MN. He had a team of Dr's that worked on his hand for nearly 6 hours on a Sun. A prayer or 2 wouldn't hurt:) It's onward and upward from here, I will keep you posted. Now on the happier things.
 We have had some frosty and foggy mornings.

 The red and white apron I made for Sarah for Christmas.
 I had kindof a peacock theme going for her:) I had the apron all ready for a picture at my place and I guess I forget to take it and put it away before she saw it. The other one was her last year's Christmas present.
 This is my niece and her man getting married in Las Vegas!!! If you want to see it go to Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. There is a video of the wedding that will be there for 90 days. They got married Jan 8th Elvis birthday.
Happy New Year!!