Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recycle Reuse.........

 The guys had a great idea the other day:)
 a neighbor had some grain bins they didn't use anymore.
 They took the top 3 rings off with  the lid and brought them home.
 Lower that piece of iron into the opening and jiggle around and it will  flatten out so Greg can lift the whole bin off the trailer.
 Lift off.....
 Now to find the perfect spot.

 Another jiggle and out it comes.
 All settled down in perfect spot.
 There you have it a nice big calf shelter!!!! If we have any bad weather the calves will have another place to go to get out of the rain or snow:)
 We tried to get the horse to come up to the fence but he was having none of that.

 Maybe next time.

 Today I looked out the window and this is what I saw!!!!!
 I can't remember seeing a red cardinal here before.
 I was pretty excited, but  it didn't stay but a minute. My mom's favorite bird:)
Gotta get a sewing pic in here too. Another paint stick clutch they are fun to make but I can only use so many:)....................jmf

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's been awhile..............

 I love my Indian pony canvas:)
 Kindof wild and free. As my coin purse says " she made yet another wise shopping decision" .......on Zulily!!
 Helping himself to the corn bucket.

 I made this book pouch the other day. The zipper didn't turn out the best but I know what I did wrong so will correct it on the next one:)
 Here is my paint stick clutch as seen  here
 It was a fun little bag to make.
A matching zipper pouch to go with it.
I'm donating them to a fund raiser..........................JMF