Friday, December 21, 2012

Aprons and mug rugs

 These three aprons were given to the gals at Higher Grounds as a gift from their staff.
 I don't know why I don't  have a better picture of this one dangit!
 I really enjoyed making them.

 With some of the left overs I made each of them a mug rug.

 I noticed yesterday that this one is missing a ruffle on the bottom. I'll have to bring it home and add it to it.

 Larry's mug rug:)
 Along with a phone line insulator now a candle holder. I think we were there for over 4 hours!! Time flies when you are having fun:) Greg even stayed awake the whole time.LOL
 I made this for Carol, my secret pal,  in Birthday club. I love the cup I found for her too.
 and one for Lyle.
He's back.........JMF

Monday, December 17, 2012

And the winner is.............

 First I want to Thank everyone who visited, commented, and became new followers!!! Wow It was so fun to read comments everyday. I never thought when I started this that I would have over 400 people read a post of mine:) I know it was the prize and everything but still it's awesome. Thank you again
 This is the tree in the basement. That is where we open our gifts when the kids and grandkids come. There's more room down there and it gets Greg down there:)
 Light bulb Santa.
 Jim Shore Santa one of 4 I have.
 I'm sure Carrie brought this for me when she went on her Germany Trip with her high school German class. That was a few years ago right Carrie? (it makes both of us sound younger so we will just leave it at a few.)
 I have 3 of these and added them to the tree they are big, but I think they look ok on the tree!!

 Did I mention I have a few Santas? Well I have more:)
Well that's all for now................oh....I did google something interesting how to pick a number between 1 and 103. I opened a random generator thing a ma bob put the numbers in and it picked.......#79 Janes quilting..cheer clap jump up and down. I will be emailing her she picked the Chicken panel. 52 people picked the chicken 33 fall 15 Christmas, and the rest any of the three.
Thanks again.......JMF

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snow, aprons and junk....................

 More aprons! Still have more to make glad I'm not sick of making them yet:) I may have posted this one already, by now it's in MN hope she liked it.
 Can be seen on one of the gals at Higher Grounds.
 We got some snow the other day. You will hear no complaints from me. We need the moisture so bad. I don't care how we get it as long as we do. Yesterday we got a nice rain too.

 The squirrels were out looking for their corn. The red dump truck was buried in the snow. I dug it out and filled it up, then just like kids they were fighting over it! Chasing each other, rabbits and bluejays away from the corn.
 You are thinking maybe she's not sick of aprons, but I am.....LOl
 Our trip to sell junk.....finally I have been after hubby for years to get rid of that junk. The windrower on top  is the 1st piece of new farm equipment he bought. Around 37 years ago.
 Along the way.
 Here we are at the recycle yard.
 A big magnet picks up the iron and then he takes it to the appropriate pile and shuts the magnet off to dump it.
 Hubby says " It's really fun to watch the guy is really good at running the magnet" So of course I couldn't take my eyes or camera off it:) Well I did look away a few times, but not hubby he stood by the pickup and watched til the last scrap was off the trailer.

 There goes the windrow.
 an old square baler or idiot cube maker as some people call it.
 See anything you need?? We did have a small back haul a new burn barrel and another little burn barrel to put in the water tank to keep the water from freezing.
A pic when my eye wondered from the magnet:)
stay warm.........JMF

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quilting Gallery's 5th Birthday Blog Hop with PRIZES

 The Quilting Gallery is having another blog hop, so visit them to see lots of great blogs with prizes!!Here is the link to the hop.
Here's my give away thread, book,measuring tape and one of the panels. Oh and of course the proud paws bag!!
 I will draw the winner on Dec 17th. I will ship anywhere in the world:)

 All you have to do is comment on which panel you want Christmas, Fall or Chicken.
 I love the Quilting Gallery website you can look up each State and find blogs, and quilt shops from them. Lots other things too, so take time to look around if you haven't visited them before.
I'm off to visit some blogs!!!.......JMF
P.S. I love to read your comments and try to reply!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cats, and more..............

 Rachel and Regan's cats found a nice warm spot to lay on my car Sat! When I left they didn't want to get off either:) As I've said I'm not a cat person but they did look cute, if only they could have washed the dirty car I would have brought them home.

 Sun Greg and I went to Pierre. I had a Beef Industry council meeting Mon morning.
 Our hotel was right on the river, so we took a little walk.

 Capitol some of us gals will be going there Mon. We also will tour the Governors mansion, and see the Christmas trees at the Capitol. Wish is wasn't going to be so cold that day.
 A Christmas present going to a Aunt.
 That rascally rabbit!
 The Last American Cowboy:)
 Just us moving some cows to new corn stalks.

 Jared had the chilly job.

 They made it.
On the way home I took some pictures of the cows out in the trees, but won't bore you with anymore!!
BBBRRRRRRR  It's winter   JMF