Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buffalo, Bar-B-ques, Town, and Hay

I finally got out with Greg to check the Buffalo. he was in a hurry tho so not many and not so good pictures. We do have 7 calves tho, they don't like their pictures taken, to shy always hiding behind mom!
The bull guarding his girls, even tho sometime they kick him out of the herd. He doesn't go to far away from them.
Monday I made 17 lbs of bar-b-que for the 4H horse show.
We had some leftover but sold all the hotdogs, and raised some money for Relay for Life. It wasn't real hot so it was a good day.
We didn't even work real hard. I mean yes we worked like dogs!
Yesterday I met a friend Paula here for lunch and later a Java slush mmmmgood. It's just to bad there are 2 fabric stores real close and we are forced to go into them. Fun day tho, and yes I did buy more fabric!
 raking hay.
All with no rain on it. yes life is good now back to cleaning my office, and then I give myself permission to go play with fabric!!  JMf

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cows, Cookies, and Books.....

Last night Greg and I went to check some pastures, and take salt and mineral to the cattle. It was pretty nice out but by the time we were getting done the mosquitoes were coming out.
Greg had been to some pastures earlier in the day so he was still hooked up and ready when he asked me to go along with him. The black tub wired on the front of the 4wheeler is his version of the baskets we used to have on our peddle bikes!!!!!!!!!!!! It's handy for hauling things and doesn't rattle because it's rubber. Just doesn't look to cool!

Everyone looks good!

 Enough grass for everyone!

 Belly deep in grass looks so good to us.
What's her problem??
 An old barn in one of the pastures
 Bad Bad thistle
 The pastures have plenty of water too.
 And we're out of there...........
I made these cookies today. Oreo Pudding Cookies. When I saw the recipe on the internet I thought good luck finding the pudding. Then I went into Rusty's and there is was big as life!!!!!!!!!!  They are pretty good. The recipe is on
And the lost have been found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking for these books as I couldn't remember who I had lent them too. I was so happy when I found them at my mother-in-laws. It was like finding a treasure I know I know I'm a dork but I love my books. Now I am just missing 3 more. I know where one is but not sure about the other 2.
Ok I better get to work Matt, Kari and the kids are stopping sometime today.    JMF

Friday, June 24, 2011

My exciting life or lack of excitement you be the judge!!

The pumpkins are really starting to take off.
Of course the weeds are coming too. I need to pull some more and then put the Pren down so they don't come back.
I was a naughty girl the other day! But most if it was on sale, all but 2 fat quarters and a little kit.It is for a good cause pillowcases for the safe house in Madison.
They turned out pretty good.
This is a quilt I started oh maybe 3 years ago. To be continued sooner than 3 years tho.
So this is Papa's Father's Day card. Johnny and Lucas picked it out with alittle help from someone else.
We thought it was pretty dang funny!!!!!!!!! I'm going to keep it around awhile in case Greg gets in one of his know it all moods I can read it to him!!!!!!!!! We kind of take turns with the know it all syndrome!!!!
 Now on to the tutorial of our favorite dessert for the last few days. Watch closely and maybe get a pen and paper so you can write the steps down..
so far pretty self explanatory maybe you won't need the pen and paper!!
don't mind the dirty microwave it only takes about 10 seconds.
I think you are suppose to make these around a campfire, but it would take longer to get the wood, get the fire going, oh Wheel of Fortune is starting just stick them in the microwave!!!!!!!!!

They are fixing our road today!! oh yeah!!!!!!! Hope I can get a few pictures as they are doing it.
I hear the vacuum cleaner calling me............JMF

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hay and the Beach Boys................

Greg mowing hay, so if it rains he's to blame! it does sound like we could get rain and storms, I hope not.
Then we went to Mitchell to the Beach Boys concert. It was on the grounds at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village. The weather was great and the music was good.
Right by the lake.
John Stamos tours with them part of the time. He was on Full House if you are old enough to remember that show! He sang part of the time but played the drums a lot too.
Their really long bus!
 After the concert they had fireworks, wow I have never seen anything like it. They were awesome and it echoed off the lake. very cool we both agreed. Greg wanted to start leaving before it was over, and I said "no we paid 90 bucks for this we are staying to the end" and we were glad we did.

The pictures are nothing compared to being there.
I think it was one 70 year old beach boy and some younger relatives!!!!!!!!!!
fun night.......JMF