Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fall is over:(

 I was loving the long fall with warm days and long walks then the wet,cold, snow and wind came.
I went into hibernation!!!
 Last month's full moon was so pretty!
 When Greg was busy or hunting I walked through the calves checking for sick or stuck or any number of things. I only found one calf with it's head stuck in the fence but he got out just as I called Jared. I guess I panicked he wasn't really stuck just thought the grass on the other side was greener!

 They like to follow and sometimes I had to tell the girls to back off! They would get a little to close for comfort.
 Lucas and I went with Greg one afternoon to the hunting shack. We saw alot of deer but nothing he wanted to shoot. That's how his whole season went:) He did help our local Game Warden load the deer he shot tho. Greg asked him "Should I know you?"  I guess it's a good thing when you don't know the game warden!! We do know him he just didn't recognize him in his hunting clothes!
 This little buck hung around for awhile so Lucas was taking pictures of him.

 Something I am working on for a Christmas gift
Will show it when it's finished........................JMF