Friday, May 27, 2016

Pillow and fire.

 I had this idea to make a pillow for my niece and her husband of their daughter that graduated from high school this spring. I know how much they will miss her this fall whens she's off at college I put a note on it   "when you miss Izzy give this pillow a hug" I had fun making it so hope they enjoy it too! Yes she is very very pretty!! I knew that's what you were thinking:) Congratulations to you Izzy and good luck next fall! Thanks to Krysta for letting me use the photo:)
 Greg and I spent some quality time together awhile ago picking up sticks and branches to throw in the tree pile while it burned.
 Some of those trees have been in that pile for many many years it was time to get it cleaned up.

 Now to get them buried.

The back of the pillow.........................JMF

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blue Jean projects...........

 I got around 19 pairs of Rocky Mountain jeans from a gal in town for FREE!!
 I made this tote with frayed edges and a braided handles.

 These 2 were my first projects from the jeans.
 Small purses with the 2 front pockets of the jeans for extra stuff:)
 I'm thinking this pair was one of her favorite as they were soft not like the rigid denim.

 Last is a messenger bag.
 I have stopped in town a couple of times to show/give her a choice of these, but always miss her. Maria if you see this let me know what you and the your girls want and it's yours:)
 I worked on these yesterday one is for a auction and the other is a gift.
 2 shelves done in the pantry cleaning!
 Yesterdays view out the kitchen window.

My barn quilt not big enough but will have to do........................JMF