Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April finishes...

 Mostly I quilted stuff that had been laying around for a long time! This quilt is flannel with fleece backing. I was wrapped up in it the other night There is something wrong with that it's May tomorrow.
 Quilted these two .

 Dyed my jacket.
 Not sure if I finished piecing this in March or April, but I quilted it and the cowgirl in April.
Still more things to finish I better get to work:)........JMF

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baby Johnson's quilt..........................................

 I made this quilt for our fearless leader, Laurie of the SD Cattlemen's Auxiliary!! She will be having her baby in June.
 This is the second one of these panels that I have. The first one I just cut the squares and made taggies out of them.They were cute but I like this quilt too:) I found the panel in Edgemont at the Nuts and Bolts quilt shop in the middle of nowhere!! Anyway was glad to find it because I wanted to make a quilt with it.
 When I was taking the pictures I noticed the animals the boys had been playing with so I played alittle too!

 I couldn't find a sheep and I thought I had one, but Lucas said no you don't.
 This is Laurie and Brandon's brand. After I had it all done I thought of putting it on there so it is with permanent marker.
 I like the back almost as much as the front:) I hope the little one grows to love the quilt and it is worn out some day by him or her!!! I did put a rod pocket on the back to hang it on  a wall, but I would rather it gets used too.
 I finished up this little cowgirl panel. I have the matching boy one too. Does any one know of a twin girl and boy that needs quilts:)
As I sit here and listen to the wind howl I think it's to bad the women on the prairie years ago didn't have Internet to help them from going crazy from loneliness and the sound of that wind..............JMF.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Afternoon with the cows...................

 We went over to the calving pasture to check for new babies. This is how rancher spend their holidays! We take turns being gone during calving season.
 We had 2 pairs that needed help they lost each other and needed reuniting!
 The calf gets a ride in the sled and mom follows............most of the time.
 One back together. I hope she told him/her never to leave her side again!!!
 Iconic sign of spring around here.
 Still munching on breakfast...........

 Here comes the second pair. She was a little on the dumb side! We brought her to her calf and she acted blind and deaf so to the corral we go.
 Here she comes......
 this went on for awhile finally she noticed the BIG opening and her calf.
 Caught her in the headgate and alittle help from Greg and that little calf was happy!!

 Me wasting time:)
 yummmmmmmmm good milk....
Everyone ended up together a few calves got tagged and we went back home for some Easter candy:)  Thanking God a beautiful day............................JMF

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This and That and a goodwill jacket.................

 Spot the longhorn's calf, he is so cute. I will have to ask the boys if they named him.
 Clouds and sunset the other night. Coming home from the calving pasture.

 My $3.75 jacket from goodwill. I cut the cuffs and the band around the bottom off.
 A bucket and lots of bleach.......

 Then I washed it to fray the edges of the sleeves and the bottom.

 I wanted it to be whiter so will have to bleach it another time....maybe
 We went to Britton on Sunday for piano recitals. All the grandkids did a  good job.  Grandma Bev too. She and Ellie played a duet!
They still have a bit of ice up there. Some water then ice and some of the water was this pretty green color I suppose because of the ice.
 Yes we were.
In June we hope to get back to the Fort Sisseton Days.
 I was going to town this morning when I spotted a couple of the yearling buffalo down by the water.
 These 2 geese were walking right towards them so I waited til I could get both in a picture.

 I think they are familiar with each other. Neither one cared about the other.

The end...JMF.............................