Monday, September 17, 2018

Blogger's quilt festival.

 I am linking up to the Blogger's quilt festival you can find it here Festival

 I have shared this quilt before it was made with my Christmas presents from Jared's and Carrie's families.
 Quilted by Kay Becker.

 Over the summer I made a bunch of these little bags.
 Just because I guess:)
 2 aprons for 2 cute little boys:)
 I have made lots of aprons but hadn't made any for a long time so it was fun to make some again.

 These are Rachel and Ellie's bags.

This was a sampler quilt we made in the quilt guild I belong to. I just made the blocks and left the boarders. 
 It's on the chair or on the table.
 We have 8 buffalo calves this year. That's all for now hope to be back soon. I have no reason for not blogging all summer!!...JMF