Monday, June 24, 2013

Lost calf...............

 Sun after church we went to look for a calf that was missing. It had just been born a few days before.
 They were in the corner next to another pasture that we hadn't let the cows into yet. So the grass was tall. We were on the four wheeler so we had a good view.
 There were birds.
 lots of grass
 some sweet clover
 just a few tracks by the water
plenty of water. Not a sign of the calf didn't see anything but birds and grass. Greg did see something that morning thought it was a coyote but wasn't really the right color more red so I told him it was probably a mountain lion. I hope not because the pasture is so close to Jared,s place.

 Now we are now top of the dugout mound, and I didn't even squeal!! So proud of myself!!

 Love the green grass, water and the happy cows.
 This was taken a week ago and with the hot days we have had I think it has doubled in size this week. No problem passing the old saying knee high by the 4th of July. I'm think the corn will be waist high by then.
 My garden cucumbers, squash, beans, 5 pea plants (old seeds) pumpkins, and more.

 Make hay while the sun shines. They did!! one of the few years the 1st cutting of hay got cut baled and hauled before it rained. God is Good!!!!!!!!!

Dolls I made for our niece's kiddos. Bye for now..................JMF

Saturday, June 15, 2013

He's back! Who's'll see.................

 You can set up the corral and working chute anywhere!
 caught one
 I believe that is John's cow J4.
 This apron started out as half of the idea I had to use the top  of a western shirt for the bib part of the apron. When I sewed it on it looked stupid:)
 So on to plan b. It has 3 pockets in the front I had the pink across the bottom of the pocket, and that looked stupid too. What a time I had making this one.

 A few pictures from last Sunday when we went to the  Fort Sisseton Days.

 Fire in the hole!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Gatlin gun demo.
 Ear plugs please.
2 different kinds of cannons. We had a fun day with John, Lucas, Kordell, Dane and Ellie. Kordell and Kari were in the Melodrama. It was so good and the boys had a blast booing and throwing popcorn at the villian. We cheered for the hero in the white cowboy hat, and of course there was a happy ending.............
He's back.................... I was sitting on the deck and out came the woodchuck. He just stayed long enough for 3 pictures.

 Iris I got from Charlene a few years ago.

 Still feeding the finches. Looks like it's getting alittle low on seed.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lots of green with a dash of purple............

 Sunset coming home from Madison the other night.

 Green striped grass

 Lambs ear.
 Hydrangea I only got one flower last year.
 Hen an chicks I lost alot of them over the winter.
 I was going to dig these hostas up again this year didn't happen again. If you want some let me know and I'll dig them this fall.

 I hope these fill in over time.
 The alfalfa/grass mix is getting tall it will be time to hay soon.
 New growth.
 I dug up some of the striped grass it was taking over the heatpump. I moved it to the side of the boys fort, it looks alittle tough but I pulled on it and I think it is rooting down. I will be shady there so maybe it won't do as well. I thought it was better than throwing it away tho.
 Some kind of grass!!!

 This is my only flowers, a Mother's day gift from Jared's. It's the first year that I can remember not buying flowers to plant. It's not to late I just need to get somewhere and buy some.

I think spring is here.........JMF