Friday, March 30, 2012

Quilts and calves..

On Sat Sue, her mother in law, and I went to Brookings to take some quilts to be documented. It was the 3rd SD Quilt Documentation Day. The SD Quilt documentation project is a statewide effort to record quilts in SD that were completed before 1970.
 The pink one is mine. The block is called a T block. The fabric in the T dates from 1880 to 1910! The quilt was probably finished between 1930 to 1950 because of the other fabric used to finish it dated in those years.

 The wedding ring quilt was at my Aunt Norma's apartment. We found it after she passed away when we were cleaning out the apartment. I am not sure but Grandma must have made it. The gal that was doing the documenting said that the fabrics dated from the 1800s to 1940, that it was in very good condition and that it was hand quilted by more than one person.

 Norma  gave me the quilt top and I finished it in the 90s so they didn't document it. I hand quilted it and it might be my favorite of the 3:)

 The next 3 belong to Sue's MIL. The one above is a postage stamp quilt. Every block even the white squares are made up of 1 inch squares (finished)  Wow as you can see it wasn't a small quilt. That's alot of 1 inch squares 1000s of squares. The picture doesn't do it justice.
This quilt was a wedding gift made by her MIL. The pattern is Monkey Wrench. 
 She had a double wedding ring quilt to. Of course she had pictures of the quilt makers and lots history. Don't ask me if I did..but in my defense when Sue sent me the article from the paper I speed read it. Then couldn't find it again til a few days after it was all over and I was going through my SD Cattleman's Aux file yeah it was in there:( Then I reread it bring pics history so on and so forth. I can email her stuff which I need to put on my list of things to do like the checkbook I am only 3 months behind on that. Only because we are in the 3rd month of the year or I would and will be further behind. Sorry I better get a grip.
 The heifer's are almost done. The cows are in the calving pasture. The first one to calf had a set of twins claimed one, so there's already a bottle calf.
 calf shelter  I know what you are thinking "that looks like a tipped over wagon" and you would be right:) they haven't needed much shelter this year. What great calving weather.

 I don't think this calf is as goofy as he looks more like an evil eye look!
Wrong side of the fence. I took pictures while Greg got him on the right side and back to mom.
more calving to come.......JMF

Friday, March 23, 2012

And the winner is..............

 I think I'll make you wait til the end of the post:) I didn't post all week because of the blog hop so have a few things to show and tell now.
First the 40th wedding anniversary flowers! Thank you Carrie, John, Rachel and Regan. They are still looking good today.
 I made this for the Good Samaritan home. They want to hang it in the chapel and will put names of residents that have passed away on it to remember them.
 This was from quilt guild last night it is a little quilt to put under your sewing machine and has pockets in the front to put everything you need. Thus preventing the looking and wondering what you did with your tape measure, scissors, seam ripper, hankie you get it:)

 A couple of the quilts from show and tell at guild last night.
 This one is flower pounding it is a poinsettia. You will have to google flower pounding. You can find more pictures on our facebook page Prairie Piecemakers. Check us out and like us:)
 A towel I added ruffles to.
 another crayon apron.
a new bag I made a couple of these today. I put a few things on etsy today you can find  a link for them on my pinterest board Gifts.
 Drum roll please.................................................................... The winner is..............
Kathy from Kathy's quilting blog!!! congrats I will be emailing you Kathy. also I decided to give a bag to Tricia for leaving my favorite comment. Not that I didn't love them all there was just something about hers that spoke to me:)
one more picture
The kids and grandkids surprised us! We had good food , fun and best of all time with family. Love you all and thanks for the special evening.
movie time.........JMF

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quilter's Blog Hop.

 The Quilting Gallery is having another Blog Hop! Yippee Skippy.......
 Here's what I have rounded up so far for my give away. Pillowcase, notepad, 3 spools of thread, a few beef promotion items (gotta get them in there every chance I get) and a secondary market tote. I call it secondary because it was first a sack of mineral for our cattle. Then when it's empty I wash it and cut it, sew it and snap it's a bag for your groceries, or anything else you need to tote around:)
I can't wait to see every one's blogs on the hop.
Happy hopping ................JMF click on the link below, or click on the blog hop box to the right of this post. I was tired when I posted this last night, but just leave me a comment and you will be in the running for the prize:)
Just look for the blog hop box.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just wondering??????

 Do you like the spring tablescape with or..............

without the assault pellet rifle?????????LOL

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh the wildlife I see, and crayon aprons.

 We saw our first robin on Friday.
 Still feeding the squirrels
 Today we saw this red bird. First one I have ever seen here. I need a new camera!! I am saving all my Amazon points. Hope to pay for half of it that way, but until then.........
 Hundreds and hundreds of geese flying so fun to hear and see them.
 This is on Greg new tractor he got. Why would you need to drive a tractor 30 miles per hour????? It reminded me of the time I was driving the tractor and a big load of hay home for my dad. My brother Leslie was with me, standing by me because there was no cab. I got going way to fast down a hill and ended up in the ditch. We were both so lucky we didn't get hurt we were both still on the tractor when dad come running up to us. I think that's why I don't like to drive a tractor.

 Enough of the tractor:)
 These are bald eagles again to far for my camera:( They were in the trees north east of the barn.

 Here's a new project little girls crayon aprons.

They were fun to make!
Set your clock ahead...........JMF

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cattle mineral bag into a grocery tote.

 Finally put my winter/Christmas flowers away and spring has sprung! At least in the house.
 Where to hang this guy? It's heavy so we don't want it to fall on someone! I might have an idea....I'll post it if it is to Greg's liking:)
 Carrie and I stopped in Dells at the quilt shop on our way to Sioux Falls. Didn't have near enough time to spend all my money, but did get a few things LOL

So here's my newest project. A grocery bag made out of a plastic  mineral sack.
I have 2 more almost done just needs the handles. Six more sacks in the garage!
mail's here gotta go.................JMF

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sue's Vegas cup:)

This is Sue's cup and mine is yellow! I like to buy coffee cups or dish towels when we go someplace. It just makes me think of where I got them every time I use them. I love my pink cup from Glacier Nat. park, and my dish towel from Texas. So that's why I bought myself a cup, but.............. I had a more sinister reason for buying Sues!! I told her to drink her coffee from that cup every morning to bug her husband! I know I'm mean that way. Well she wants to go to Vegas and he doesn't so it serves him right..........right??? I still have hope she will get there someday:) Now I just hope he doesn't break her cup.LOL Just kidding Mike! There's plenty of places that I want to go to that Greg doesn't it's just part of life.
Vegas, Vegas, Vegas I'm trying Sue, on second thought don't let Mike read this post you will never get there..............JMF

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wall/ door hanging

 This is the wall hanging I made Sarah for her birthday. She hangs then on her door in her porch that goes into the house. (does that make sense) To me it does:)
 The boarder is fake leather. I thought it looked nice with the colors of the chickens.
She said I'm hanging it on the door as soon as I get home! Love it when someone likes my quilting!!!!
Gog bless my family............JMF

Saturday, March 3, 2012


 Hey I made it past the mail box!! at least 1/2 mile past it.
 I went with Greg to check the heifers.
 Here's some ladies in have their calves. Butterball in the middle that's Johns 4-H calf.
 It's the first time they have seen me, so all eyes were on me in my red coat:)
 Jared's wind vane.

 They get to stay in for a few days, in their own suite. No double rooms yet!
 The hoop barn with the portable barn beyond where the suites are:)
Lunch time.

Life is good on the ranch......JMF