Monday, August 29, 2016

Dogs real and not so real...............

 I thought I said I have made enough pillows but I lied!! These two along with the pink pocket pillow will be on a silent auction for the Children's care corner.
 They are fun to make and a way to use up these pillow panels I have had for years.
 My cute mug rug was a birthday gift and it's right by my sewing machine. Thanks Paula:)
 These 3 pillows go to Britton for a silent auction for their day care center.

 These made up really cute I thought:)
Realistic looking labs I think.
 Not as real as these cuties. These pups are at our place and are so fun to play with they are just little butterballs!
2 are playful and the other  2 are so laid back they hardly move when I go to water and feed them.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Purse, Pillows and Here's Johnny.........................

 My niece ordered fabric for another purse, so I got busy and got it made.
 I think it turned out pretty cute:)

 the lining
 The pocket on the back.

 The pillows waiting to be taken to town. I got them delivered a few days later.
 We went up to Matt's last Sunday and stopped for a bite to eat and when we came out this was sitting there!!
 I had to take pictures for 2 reasons 1 It's so dang neat and then for our grandson Johnny:)
I wish I could have driven away in it................................JMF

Monday, August 1, 2016

One more quilt finish and a little more........

 This one has waited years to be finished. I had Kay quilt it for me and it really looks nice.  I love it on my school desk. Thanks Kay:)
 Sarah came over with a broken ripped clothes pin bag and wondered if I would make a new one for her. Here she is:)
 I found the pattern on pintrest and had just enough 21/2 squares of this western fabric to make the skirt.
 A nice big bag for clothes pins.
 I had a old padded wooden hanger that Greg put the hanger off her old bag on, and it was done.
 We finally got some rain. I think the flowers like it better than Kingbrook rural water:)