Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parker's Quilt.

Parker's quilt just laying it out to decide how to make it.
 I tried this boarder lay out.
Then this lay out which one which one I don't know!! I think I like this one better.
 close up of the girls her mom did for the quilt.
 Just another project.... I got it started now I hope I get it finished. It's pretty old fashioned but I had the 10 inch blocks cut for years, and I mean years.
 The boys were calving in the basement. Rummage sale stickers make good tags.
 It is quite a set up!! They sure have fun with a few cows and boards.
 John writes down who has calves red 6, w for white 7 that's the color of their tags!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birds, Quilts, and Snow

I know the picture isn't real good but I took it out the window with a screen on. It's all black birds.
I tried to sneak out on the deck and get a better picture I guess I'm not a good sneaker!! Wasn't there a movie called Birds.... Hitchcock? probably to scary for me I don't remember seeing it.
This quilt is called Life on the Farm but I'm calling it Screwed up on the Farm because that's what I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called and got more fabric so this will continue and I will get it right. I just don't know if I can get over it enough to enjoy the finished quilt. They say you should have one mistake in you quilt it's called a humility block but 5??? I must really be humble!!!!!!!!!

I just need to see a little more on the right end!! Last chance to change your guess.
Johnny was hunting the other day so he added the branch and some wood in the scoop. It was cold but he stayed out till he got 2 birds with his BB gun. He wants to shoot the squirrel but but Grandma says NO!!!
The sun this morning. We need some heat this looks like a weak sun to me.
learn from your mistakes........JMF

Friday, March 25, 2011


The 4th Thursday of the month is goof off day for me. We have birthday club in the afternoon. The club has been around since 1952 for sure, that's how long we have records for anyway. It's a good way to keep up with the neighbors.  Then on to Madison for quilt guild in the evening the quilt above was one that Kay brought to show.
This one is Barb's alot of work went into this one. It is beautiful and will be even more so when it is quilted. Love it.
This one is so fun and bright another Barb brought this one. She said it is a graduation gift. Lucky girl.
So here is what Lucas and I made this morning when his mom was sleeping she works tonight all night. When I will be snug and warm in my bed!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onion, celery, black olives, all chopped cut up some imitation crab, add cheddar cheese some mayo stir get the tortilla chips out and make yourself sick from over eating!!!!!!!
I don't measure anything but I'm sure there is a recipe out there some where.
I want sunshine......JMF

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I know there is bird seed in the scoop if I can just get alittle closer....
alittle closer..
yes I made it!!!!!!!! you don't scare me Mr squirrel.
I guess I can pretty much see the tank should I wait til I can see the legs it stands on? First one to tell me what to do, that's what I'll do. Snow today what's up with that??????????
So yesterday we went to the Dentist in Huron I was sure my last baby tooth was going bad. I asked Dr Cahill shouldn't a baby tooth last at least 58 years? Well it's going to I didn't have a cavity like I thought. Got them cleaned and I'm good to go. Can't say the same for Greg he has another appt on Tues for a filling. I think we'll have supper out with Carrie's family afterwards.
We saw this train on the way up.
and this one on the way back, and lots of water.
stay warm JMF

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When will I see my propane tank contest.

I took this picture yesterday late afternoon.
I took this one this morning  3/19 around 8:30. It's pretty much the same. So make your final guess!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On my walk today and quilt progress.

It's really flowing today. Between the sound of the water and, the geese it was  perfect spring day.
This is the road south of us to Groves I guess it's the long way around if we need to get to their house. Greg said he was going to take the cows to the calving pasture tomorrow that should help the road too, what are you gonna do????? Maybe an alternate route is called for
It would be neat if it wasn't for all the damage.
Last picture on to the quilt.
That's not the way the pictures are suppose to be. I turned them when I downloaded them but they when I brought them here this is what happened.
I quit for the night I think I even left the piece I was sewing half sewed in the machine if that makes sense. I just walked away!!!!!
goodnight  JMF

Guess who I saw out the window????

A ROBIN spring is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I rode to Mitchell with Greg yesterday he dropped me off at Pennys while he did his thing. Got some bargains called Carrie when I saw these on sale.
$159.00 for $27.00 She said Rachel needed these for next year to buy them for her pants and boots for everyday and a good coat. Not much for boys on sale tho.
It was 69 degrees in Mitchell but as we got closer to home the temp dropped at least 10 degrees or more.
  Here are a few pictures from on our way home really just on our road.
neighbors pasture lots for the cows to drink but what to eat. It was bad last year too. We also had a pasture we had to abandon last year.
The ditch at the end of Jared's driveway. When we were kids we loved all the water we would round up boards and make rafts but mostly I think we got wet, but it was fun.
this is the culvert south of us
This is the other side of the culvert. It's always amazing how fast the snow melts it seems like it will last forever, and then one day you realize it's gone. Enough about the weather pretty soon I'll be crabbing about the heat or the humidity for sure the wind.
yummy but now I have to walk walk walk.........I think it is time for coffee and a (if I don't say it that means I didn't eat it right?)
enjoy the day  JMF

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Propane Progress

I almost don't want to post this picture it might make it snow.
This is the one I couldn't find last night!
This is out favorite bread it comes in a blue and clear package. Rustys has it sometime also Sunshine in Madison has it. You bake it 7to 9 minutes. it is crusty on the outside and soft in the center. It was great with the bean soup the other day. Greg would eat it every meal but we need to be able to fit out the door so I limit us.
 Really enjoyed the day checked the heifers for Greg a couple of times.
Got alot of compliments from the girls on my boots!!!!!!!!!!
Then later walked a little over a mile and scooped the snow off the deck and some away from the house.
I wonder if I earned another one of the treats Lucas helped me make yesterday???
Rice Krispy bars.
love life    JMF