Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sign, kindle, and calving barn.

Greg got his buffalo cut out for his sign. Just hung temporary will have to hang with chains.
 I got my first book read on my Kindle. Now I need to finish the book Ellen gave me to read. It is Laura Bush's book it is interesting.
The guys brought home one of the portable calving sheds from Watertown. It was 10 miles north of town so they got a police escort through town!! They took up both lanes so it was a good thing to have the flashing lights on their side!  One more to go then they will be ready for the heifers.
keep reading and eating beef!!!.......JMF

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I finally got enough amazon gift cards saved up to buy my kindle. It took almost as long to figure out how to download a book on it. I need better instructions with pictures when it comes to anything with the computer. I got a new book by a SD author Mercy Killing downloaded so far it's a pretty good book. I think I will take turns reading one of my many books already in my book collection and downloading books on the kindle. I like the kindle but I think it's cheating on my real books. An affair with a kindle!!!!!
Who are you looking at???????
buy a book, visit your library, or cheat with a kindle.......JMF

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Westling and wildlife

We spent the afternoon in town at the kids wrestling. It's fun to watch our grandson wrestle. I think my shoulders hurt more than his when he's done!! I don't think I'm helping him sitting there tensed up but you never know.
It's all mine!
Is there someone watching me? Do I look fat sitting like this?
I think I can sneak up and get a bite. Is he looking?
Don't cha wish you were hot like me? don't cha?
I know I know my tail is awesome.
Brr who turned the heat off.

I look better than that stupid squirrel you keep taking pictures of.
eat beef  JMF

Friday, January 21, 2011

OK I was wrong!!!

That rabbit did get in the wagon.
And had the nerve to bring a friend. Charlene bring your 22!!!!!!!!!!
Where's Annie Oakley when I need her. They can stay til spring but then it's bye bye bunnies.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bunnies and cardboard buffalo...

So Greg set the game cam on the steps of the deck and here's the bunny! At least he didn't get in the wagon. Greg said he put a little corn around there. Oh and my smors bars I made.....don't ask for the  recipe the bunny wouldn't even eat them.
Man you scared me!!!!!!! "I'm 10 pounds overweight you could have gave me a heart attack Chet"..........What movie is that line from.
And the regulars they are like the guys that go to town for coffee everyday!! haha
The cardboard buffalo he's a pattern for a cut out Greg wants to do to add to his sign. I said don't wreck it I might use it for a quilt.
   Had a good day in Sioux Falls with Carrie yesterday. Except for the ride home.. SNOW that's all I say. Nice lunch at the Wild Sage Grille. Layer cake with raspberry and butter cream frosting. We heard butter cream and said SOLD we  were good and shared. Between just washed blue jeans and a sore lower back and a big front I can hardly bend over to tie my shoes!! I must get on the treadmill.... tomorrow American Idol starts tonight.
stay warm   JMF

Monday, January 17, 2011

I want green grass!!!

Even tho I'm not a fan of mowing it doesn't sound to bad right now. That's the buffalo in the background. I want to get out and get some pictures of them. Greg said the other day the big bull had snow on his head it would have been a neat picture. I have pictures of them in the summer but no winter ones.
Does anyone know what bird would make this nest? It is very small and is made out of hair like cattle or dog maybe. The eggs were blue with little dark spots. I have found 3 or 4 of these nests over the last couple of years. There are always on the ground when I find them tho.
Greg made me this bench. He used wheels that were my dads and the cedar from our trees. I like it and I think he enjoyed making it.
Going to Sioux Falls with Carrie tomorrow unless the weather stops us. Lunch out and a little shopping. I need some quilting thread I found more stuff to quilt (big surprise) oh well I'm sure there are worse things I could do.
read  a book......JMF

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's still winter and other things.

Can't get enough of the blue jays! The frosty branches were so pretty too.
I got this aloe plant in Texas in 2007. It was very small then I never guessed it would get this big. I took some of the off shoots to the fall bazaar at church last fall I wonder if they will get as big.
I quilted this panel for Carrie it is part of her birthday present but she will be getting it early. The colors are not showing good in this picture. It's really cute and it was on sale on equilter.   Which was a very good reason to buy more fabric!!!! they have all kinds of fabric.
try to get a hold on your bad habits (equilter)....JMF
PS had a fun visit with Nancy today hadn't seen her for a very very long time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on the date ball cookies.

I ate 4 and put the rest of mine in the freezer. I say mine because I wanted nuts in mine and he didn't, so we each have our own cookies!! Some like nuts and and some are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JMF

Food and Snow

The snow made such a nice top to the deck rail.
If you like snow. I don't mind just not the cold, but the snow can make things look so pretty.
On the bottom of the rails it looks like ric rac. Who would I be to wreck it with a shovel!!!
Now to food.
We really like parsnips I peel them cut them up in slices the long way. Boil til partly tender, drain, coat with flour and fry in butter til crisp.
They are so sweet I couldn't stop eating them right out of the pan.
Now Greg wants date ball cookies so I said go ahead and make them. I cut up the dates he cooked and now we are waiting for it to cool to add the rice krispies and coconut. I think he wants a fat wife no a fatter wife!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have him hide them from me.... I think!!!
life is good   JMF

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Squirrel and quilt

Are you sick of my squirrel pictures yet? At least I haven't named him  or her yet! humm maybe Sally or Sammy Squirrel, anyway it's fun to watch.
Just finished this quilt I'm lovin my new machine. I sewed the binding this afternoon while I watched tv to much tv. That darn lifetime channel sucks you in and before you know it, it's 2 movies later and your eyes are burnt out!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved this fabric when I saw it online the rest of the fabric is out of my stash.
hobbies are good.....JMF

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sights of the day!

Now look who's sharing!!!!
It's really fun to watch them, makes doing dishes not so bad. The truck has seen better days like 25 years ago!! It's still good for something tho.
Then we spotted 3 pheasants on the road in front of the house, but only got one in the picture.
Hope I'm still good for something!!!!!JMF

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My day today.

Look who chased the blue jays away. I think I will move the truck alittle and see what other pictures I can get. Maybe enter one in the farm show.
I hauled all the Christmas decorations down yesterday and today started putting it all away. The cowboys fit in 2 big boxes, now looking at them I feel kind of creepy that I stuffed them in a box!! They look they are just minding their own business and then someone comes along and stuffs them in a box. Sorry guys.
more stuff
And there it is till next year plus the trees under the steps and the cowboys in their big boxes. You would never know that I was feeling sorry for myself that I didn't get to any after Christmas sales for more decorations. Just get over it Julie!!!!!
there's more to life than stuff.......JMF

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Monday was sale barn day. The calves loaded good, weighted good, and sold good!!! It's always fun when that happens. Now it starts all over again. Buying heifers, calving heifers, moving the cows to the calving pasture, going over there several times a day checking for new calves, tagging calves, and so on and so on. Good thing it's alittle while before it all starts.