Monday, September 23, 2013

Guess What it is????????????

Can anyone guess what is in this?? The other morning Greg said I finally caught one!!!
 When he told me what it was I said "Yeah Sure you did" But he did. It was a hummingbird!!
I'd like so to tell you Greg is as fast as a hummingbird and as sly as a fox but that's not the case:) The little thing was drinking out of the feeder and all of a sudden fell to the deck and Greg grabbed it and brought it in the house. When I came out of the bedroom it had woke up and was flapping around so I took it out to the deck and slid the lid over away he went.

I don't know if this is him. They kind of look like little old men to me. Kindof  needs their hair combed and alittle rough around the edges!! Oh I guess that's my look most days too:)

 The one and only this year. We were sorting them the day the truck was coming to get them and Greg noticed that she was close to calving. she is our only cow now!! She did have her calf about a week later. We have a few yearling left to keep this guy or gal and his mom company.
 They are so cute wish they were tame.

 Her bugged evil eye lets you know to back the heck off of my baby!
 He was posing so nice I had to take a picture of him.

 cool clear water...............
 Almost done fall calving just a couple left.
 Me, Suzie and Farley
 These guys were around yesterday one landed on the screen of the office window. There were four of them.
 The underneath of their wings are yellow.
I better get that water freshened up.......................JMF

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trip to the Hill city quilt show

 On the way out lots of sorghum  fields.
 The view out Paula's window as we eat supper.
 View out the front door.

 On our way to Hill City.
 I was very disappointed in the quilt show. They had just a few quilts outside and not that many inside.I just remember some years back I was there and the street was full of quilts. That's all I have to say cus I said enough when I was there!!
 Some cute quilts tho.

 2 of these I like the next one better.

 Kindof  a western theme going:)

 I like this pattern and it was all western prints.
 On the way back to the ranch we stopped at Lake Pactola.

 I took a bunch of pictures...big surprise!
 The pictures just don't do justice to the  scenery.

 More supper guests.
 In the morning the fog was rolling off the hills.

Back across the river, short trip but fun. I should have taken pictures of the new Quilt shop in Hill City if you get there be sure and stop in..............JMF

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Silage cutting, bracelets and squirrel

 It's silage cutting time again. A few days before we started Greg broke his thumb! More on that later.
 His new yellow pusher all the guys liked that. It must be like us in a shoe, purse or fabric store! That's the only way I can relate to new machinery:)
 This year they made it wider instead of so high.

 This happened when I was gone. More on that later too.
 A big thanks to James and Landon for coming out on a Sun to help the guys. That's alot of tires to handle.
 My newest thing. Fabric cuff bracelets.

 I am also making an apron out of this fabric it is so pretty.

 This looks dangerous I hope he doesn't fall in I don't know if I could get him out!!
 Looks like the water could be changed.
I think  he knows what he's doing......JMF