Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mary's Cowgirl

Some friends  (really cousins) of ours got moved into their log home. I stopped by the other day to check it out and it is beautiful I love it. This is what I gave her. I made a cowgirl wall hanging and will show it in stages.
I sewed the background together and cut out all the parts to her.
Then iron her on to the background. She's already looking cute!
Now to sew her down through the batting and the backing. When you do that the quilting is done at the same time.
Trying out some bling for her.Heart shaped button for her belt buckle and some sliver trim to go down her jeans.
Now the binding almost done!
Now I just need to accent her boots and add a rope. What kind of cowgirl doesn't have a rope?
There's her rope!!
Mary seemed to like her. I guess I will make a cowboy for Danny and they can hang out together!!  Unless Mary puts her Little Joe Cartwright doll in the same room! Then I think Danny will have some competition!!!
I enjoyed making her it's fun to see them come to life before your eyes.
Bye for now jmf

Tree update

Well our trees went from 3 to 8 to 10! I think I have enough trees to mow around. They do look nice. The second time we went back we had our grandson with us and the tree guy dug  up a little tree and gave him for his very own. Very nice of him. Lucas was very happy to show it off when he got home.
I think that's the last of the tree posts until next spring I might have to gripe a little about mowing and trimming,  oh I guess I do that anyway! Maybe I didn't mention it's not my favorite thing to do. I do like having something green to look at in the winter instead of brown or white (snow) ha.