Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Scrap a day 8

 This is my mistake quilt:) I watched the video on this quilt about a month before I started the quilt thinking I remembered how the pattern went.
 I was wrong! I just used the pieced squares and the orange squares and made hour glass blocks. Instead of leaving the pieced squares in one piece LOL and then making the hourglass blocks.
 I guess I will say I just made a new quilt pattern.
 It's pretty bright and would probably keep a baby awake all night!

 I think I have one more scrap quilt to show.
Then I will tell you where we saw these!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

scrap a day 7

 This one is was on Sewing with Nancy. Here's the link.
quilt link 

 It was simple and fast to make.
 I quilted it with a simple x pattern.

 This one is the gal that showed me the pattern! I like that it has more contrast so if I make another one I'll do that.
You don't see this to often on Nov 11th! I looked out my front door and just had to take a picture!! He is helping build a grain bin.......JMF

Saturday, November 11, 2017

scrap a day 6

 I'm getting close to the end of my finished scrap quilts.
 This one was another pinterst find although I might have not followed the instructions exactly!

 After while  I just started sewing then just made it all work by cutting or adding as I needed too.
 It's done and it used scraps so that's good enough for me:)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Scrap a day 5

 I'm almost done with my scrap quilts! Well maybe not yesterday I was cutting and ironing scraps:)
 I used some more western prints in this one. I just finished quilting it last week.
 Hopefully it will keep some baby warm someday!
 I just finished the book Wonder. Lucas was telling me about because his class is reading it together. It is a good book and the movie is coming out next week. So he painted his pumpkin after the cover of the book. Pretty good Lucas!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Scrap-a-day 4

 This one was a fun and easy one as long as you paid attention when cutting them to size. I mean by not cutting off the seam allowance!
 What makes you think I did that??
When that happens make a potholder!!
I haven't decided if I will make this one bigger so am not going to quilt it just yet.
I thought this was funny I hope my sisters do too!!........JMF