Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Everything cowboy............

 I finally got my cowboy quilt done!! It started out as a charm pack and then I just kept adding and adding!
 My neighbor Kay quilted it with a western pattern and I love it:)

 I backed it  and bound it with red.
 Enough boots for everyone!
 It's lambing time for John the first one to lamb has  a nice set of twins.
I made these 2 cowboys for the gal that cleans our teeth. They have 2 boys now she's married to......... a rancher so I thought the boys should have cowboys. I told her dad the dentist they are not dolls they are cowboys..............................JMF

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dignity and more...............

 When we went to Rapid City to the Stock Show in Feb we stopped to see the Dignity Statue at the Chamberlain rest stop.  She is well worth the stop.
 Looking west towards the river she is looking to the east.
 Here is a link that tells more about her .
 Of course she is taller than me:)
 We stayed with our friends Gary and Paula there's always lots of deer in the neighborhood.

 We spotted one with a tracking necklace on!
 On our way home.
 The guys tried their hand at ice fishing a few times and only caught one small fish. Good job Lucas!!

 Sarah's birthday table runner.
 the back
 Johnny is back in the sheep business bottle lamb and bred ewes that should be lambing any time.
 My aunt and uncle would be so happy to see sheep in their barn again.

 We have had a few nice days for a walk. This time I remembered to take the camera for a few pictures. The fall calves don't know what to think of me.
They will be getting weaned soon. They look plenty big enough to be on their own..............JMF.

Friday, March 10, 2017

A finished quilt ect.............................

 The quilt Carrie and I made together is done and waiting for it's owner to be born!!
 My neighbor quilted it with a cowboy motif of stars, cowboy boots, and hats. Thanks Kay it looks great!
 Sideways picture of the back:)
 The first quilt I made with this fabric was around 15 years ago for our first grandson! I hope they never quit making it.

Jared's family has a new member, Maddie she is pretty sweet:)
 We no longer have a pink truck no more teasing I guess.
 Mattie checking out grandma's yard.
 My side kick Tootsie as we moved cows one day.

They are getting closer to the calving pasture. Spring will be here soon I hope............JMF