Sunday, October 28, 2012

Featured Blog!!! gives more meaning to Better Than I Deserve!

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The featured blog this week is Better Than I Deserve.

Hi my name is Julie and I blog over at  But 1st of all I am a wife,mother, grandma, quilter, reader, and many more but won't bore you. We live in eastern  SD on a cow/calf ranch. With the help of our son, his wife, and their boys we keep things on track. The guys are busy all day everyday, my job is cook, fetch and run, babysit, and some chores. I wouldn't have it any other way I love our life, hence the name of my blog Better than I Deserve:)

Now for the silly facts about me.1.This is bad I can't think of any??? I love joking with the grandkids, and trying to pull one over on them.
2. I don't like to miss the Young and the Restless that's silly since I have a DVR!
3. I'd rather give than receive I love it when I make my family happy. The grandkids are still young  enough that small things still seem big to them.
4.I always like to try new food and new restaurants even if my friends tease me when it's to expensive. I don't get to pick the restaurant anymore!!
5. I love to sing off key (the only way I sing) with my grandkids, and hear STOP Grandma!!!!!

Make sure to stop by Julie's blog and say hi!

This is a first for me. Thanks so much Kim, and Thanks to everyone who visits!! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival!!

 This is the only quilt I have made this year!! I know what's up with that?? If you check out my blog you will see aprons, pillows, messenger bags and a few other things!
 I made this for Macie our niece and her hubby's baby girl! She's a cutie and her 2 brothers are too:)
 I used scraps to make the blocks, and then sewed on the ricrac, lace and horse ribbon.
 All was fine til I had to quilt over the ricrac it was a little tricky!

 It measures about 50 by 50 it is machine pieced and quilted by me! I have a grace frame I do my quilting on. It could be entered in Baby Quilt and scrap quilt.
Amy at Amy's Creative Side puts on this blog festival. Please visit her and some of the other blogs here's the link!!

Have fun..........JMF

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gotta love a cowgirl messenger bag...............

 Another crayon apron. I delivered all five to Higher Grounds in Howard. The gals there are gracious enough to display them their for sale:) Thanks so much!
 I just had to make a cowgirl messenger bag. Even tho I didn't get a request for one:)
I think it will be donated for a raffle. I did learn one thing while making it. I quilted it first then ironed on the horses and the thread made a couple lines on the horses. It 's not bad, but next time I will iron on then quilt around them.
JMF.........PS my fingers are healing nicely! with the help of some super glue the glue from the Dr came off on Sat, so I glued them myself:)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some sewing, wildlife ,cows and oh yea blood lots of blood!!

 I got 3 crayon aprons made, watched the corner when moving cows, took pictures of the deer in backyard before the ACCIDENT! I have a rotary cutter to cut circles and when I went to slide the cover down to cover the blade it stuck but my fingers didn't and I cut 2 on my right hand. Then my left hand is hooked to an idiot and it tried to shut it to and cut one finger on that hand! Of course no ones calls went through on the cell phones (Thanks ATT) Finally on the 5th call Jared answered. Poor Lucas was with me and did the calling. He gets the brave boy award he's six and did a good job as I held a wad of hankies as the blood poured out of my hands...well it seemed  like it poured. It didn't hurt and they just glued it shut and taped them. When we got home I showed Greg and it just clicked shut over the blade in a snap ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 Deer in the back yard and coyote on game cam. The big buck and bear are there to see if you are awake.......LOL
 My grandparents wedding picture.
 50 years later!! Our dad is first on the left sitting.
 Grandpa and 2 of our cousins getting a ride.
Look for the South Dakota Cattlemen's Auxiliary on facebook and like us...........
EAT BEEF..........JMF

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Messenger bags and more...........

 Lucas was taking pictures the other day when we went to check the game cam.
 He did a good job.
 Farley and Susie they have a squirrel treed! He has a big leave nest he keeps hiding in,so I don't think the dogs have a chance.
 I got a request to make a bag for John's piano lesson books. Later that night it came to me in a vision LOL!!
 Anyway this is the way the vision looked.
 I still have a few of the wildlife heads I bought years ago. I put a light iron on the back and stitched around it too.
 Then when Lucas saw it he had to have one too. I made his alittle different. They were so fun to make.

 Both are lined with the same fabric. I wonder if I will get anymore requests for messenger bags??
I bought the Grandma Made It labels awhile ago:) I think they are cute. Now I have to talk John into bringing his bag back so I can sew one in his.

 Now we are feeding and watering the deer. We had 5 the other night. I hope we aren't sorry they will probably eat my trees.
 Weaned the last of the calves today. I hear them and their moms crying as I type. I might be sleeping in the basement.

The rest were weaned down at Jared's so I guess it's fair we have to hear it a few nights too.
all for now.......JMF

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Every cowgirl needs a cowboy!!

 So I made her one:) The little charm has a bronco rider on it.
Happy trails to you..........JMF

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cowgirl, sweet, pink and sassy!!

 My newest creation:)
 flower and velvet trim

I love her but will part with her:).....JMF

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cows, fire, food, and family time.

 On our way to bring some calves home.
 This is what I do while I wait for the guys to hook up the creep feeder so I can take it home.
 Take pictures:)
 Moving the herd towards the corral.
 A little closer.
 Thank God for our volunteer fire department!! It wasn't our fire but only a few miles from us. The ash blew clear to our place.
 Farmers came with their tractors and discs to work up the ground so the fire wouldn't keep going.
 If you need help here there are plenty of people that show up.

 Hubby, me, Joe, and Lynette took a drive up north to Sica Hollow park, As you see we kindof missed the leaves. The park is very small so the drive through was quick.LOL It was windy and cold too.
 I would like to go back in the summer and hike some of the trails.

 little waterfall, but hey it's water more than we have seen in awhile.
 Next stop on the Greg, and Julie tour was Veblen to see the 2 BIG dairies. This is the silage pile.
 It was rather huge!! Which you can't really tell from the pic.
 Next stop was Matt and Kari's. The day was fun with family and good food, bacon cheese soup, sour cream raisin pie, chocolate cake,bacon cheeseburger and candy bar. Anyway that's what I ate, well not everything I ate I did have some lettuce too. gotta love family and food..............JMF