Friday, April 29, 2011

Quilts, Cows, and Rain

 I got this quilt all done except for the label. When it warms up a little I think it will work on the bed. It just fits on the top with a cowboy print sheet  under it I think it will be fine.
Got this one sewed together too. Now I just need to find a back and quilt it. A few more pieces of my stash used.
Went with Greg tonight to check cows started out good but ended up wet.
Lots of sharp lighting to the south and we were on the 4 wheeler not to smart.
Like these 2 said "are you nuts"

At least the cows have plenty of water to drink this dug out plus a tank of fresh rural water. They like that better.
Supper time.  Then the sprinkles started so I jumped off and got in the pickup to shut the windows while Greg put the 4 wheeler away. Like a dummy I moved over to the other side so he drove and guess who got to open a close the gate in a downpour. my hair is still wet.
Gotta go call my oldest and tell him Happy Birthday. I don't know how he gets older but I don't!!! I wished.....JMF

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilts and Liver

I finally got this quilt on the frame. I'm over half done. Next is the comedy of errors, the farm quilt, maybe I shouldn't even try to quilt it. That quilt may never see the light of day again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On to the subject of Liver not mine, but fried liver and onions!!!!!! For your information if you make fried liver and onions and your grandsons are there for dinner...... Forget trying to tell them when they ask "what is that" "oh its thin sliced steak it's really good with ketchup" After the first bite  gag  spit they are not buying it!!!!!!!!! It was worth a try tho. My kids for some reason all like it tho. Carrie  even called home from college excited that she found a place in Brookings that served Liver and Onions!!! It's mentioned in the SD Magazine this month  they still serve it.
That's all the exciting news for now...... we won't mention the rain grrrr    JMF

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, Quilts, and Cows

At quilt guild we picked out two colors from a bag without knowing what color we would get. I picked yellow and blue, so now I have to make something with those two colors. As I understand it we can use other colors too. I like to make baby quilts so this is what I started.
The blue is kind of hid under the rest I picked the little western print 1st and added from my stash for the rest of it.
When put the different fabric by the print I couldn't decide which I liked then I tried the black there is a little black on each of the kids in the print, hats, boots, horse, ect.
As I sewed some more I wasn't sure about the black cus I didn't know what to use for the last boarder.
I found another black piece that I had enough of. So far it is just cut out and laying there nothing is sewed together except the squares. I think I will look at it for a while before I sew it.
This plant was green when the snow melted!!
Now it is already blooming. It is suppose to attract butterflies.
I planted this last fall it is suppose to be a ground cover so I hope it grows it has a big space to cover.
Happy Easter!! This afternoon Greg and I went to check the cows. It's to muddy for the pickup so we use the 4 wheeler, the only good thing about that is that they aren't scared of it anymore.
We let them into a dryer part of the pasture the other day.
We kept scaring up the black birds they were eating all around the cows.
We have 2 red cows all the rest are black anyway they calved the same day and the calves look the same!
Such a peaceful picture.
I'll be mooovvvvin on catch ya later.......JMF

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I saw this in the sky yesterday?????????

I wonder what it was cus it is gone today! It was sure good to see the sun even for just a little while.

I walked yesterday but only on the dry part of the road. I could go north of the driveway but not south.
Monday night Kay and I went to Brookings to a little quilt show about using your scraps. This one was left over quilt binding. I was to far back to take pics. The speaker was funny and interesting to listen too.
First tho we shopped alittle and ate at Applebees  very good.
 You can buy raffle tickets for this quilt!!!!!!

These 2 were part of the Brookings guilds show and tell.
I got this done today made another mistake should have cut the black boarder 2 1/2 instead of 1 1/2. Gosh what can I say from now on I'm going back to making up the pattern as I go then there can be no mistakes!!!
 Now I don't know what thread to use if I overall quilt it??? Any ideas???
come back sun........JMF

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is not what I bought these boots for!!

I saw these boots and thought they were cute, but I intended to wear them some sunny morning in the dew kissed green grass not in the mud and snow................Oh well maybe I'll get a chance to so that to.
The poor geese are even sick of the wet cold water!
Our road the better part. I feel for the people that have to drive these roads everyday... bus drivers, mail men and women, UPS. Some of the roads around us can only be used by 4 wheel drive. If any ones reads anything about to hot or to dry on this blog call me on it!!!!!!
The quilt was delivered to Parker. I think she liked it! It looked good on her bed.
I made Greg is favorite mound bars. I haven't seen him much in the last week the cows, and calves have all his attention!!!!!!!!!
tomorrow is a new day.....JMF

Friday, April 15, 2011

NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!

This is at 6:00 tonight I thought we would get by without getting snow, but no luck.
The guys have been out all day trying to take care of the calves being born as best they can. The poor cows don't know that they are trying to put them in the barn for their own good. Very frustrating for the guys. We have calved through worse storms but it's not fun. We hate to lose any calves.
I think Parker's quilt is done!! I hope she likes it.
I made a little pillow for her too.
Hang  in there calves   JMF

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just when I think I have nothing to write about!!

I'm down the basement minding my own business...when Greg gets home from town and yells down the buffalo are out. WHAT!!! So the chase is on.

wrong way girls.

So I take pictures out of the pickup on their way by. I am blocking an open gate so technically I am helping!

There is one in every group. They are like sheep tho they like to be together.
So they all get back together.
They make it back home to the pasture they have lived in for 15 years. Now to find out how they got out.
Fence down Greg thinks the beef bulls damaged it this winter and the buffalo just found it today and decide to go on an adventure.
Scared up a goose checking fences.
We are so happy to be back home!! She is in a buffalo wallow.

Dusting herself they are so big but can toss themselves back and forth. Wished I could have gotten closer for picture but couldn't get through the water.
Greg checked all the fence so all should be quiet for awhile, except in the calving pasture we have had almost 30 calves a day for the last few days.