Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival......

 This is one of the few quilts I have made this year. My nephew and his gal had a baby girl.Then I realized I didn't have a quilt for them. So I made a dash to the sewing room and decided it had to be a hunting quilt as they both hunt. I had these animal panels for awhile, really I am hoarding them!!. I did have a piece of pink cammo so it turned out perfect for their little future hunter:) It measures 45x45.
Blogger's Quilt Festival!!!
Please check out all the quilts at the Festival I know I am going to try and get to alot of them........JMF

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

snow and thumb????????

 This what we woke up to today. Snow I was all gone by the time we got home in the afternoon, back to green grass.

Not alot but just a hint of what is to come I'm sure. I am not ready  for the cold and snow.

 Greg getting his cast cut off...ouch not really she's pretty good at it.
The xray a total of 7 screws in there:) and the metal plate holding lots of pieces together. Put another cast on and come back in 3 weeks then maybe a splint that he can take off to shower. The Doctor said he is  growing bone it just takes longer when you are OLD!!!.........JMF

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chicks, chickens, calves and buffalo............

These little chick were out in the calf yard they blend in with the mud!
 We now have all the calves home steers at Jared's and heifers at our place.

 Looks like they had a good summer with plenty to eat:)

 Lucas' chicken herd really grew over the summer. Between his incubator and the hens that hatched chicks he's up to 39 head!!

 Our only baby buff. He or she was along the road when I was going home.

 I bet he's a he alright.
 Squash anyone??

Greg would like them out of the garage it's like a maze to get to his pickup.
I have to get my poinsettia in the house and my aloe plant, before it gets any colder. The garage is finished so they won't freeze. I think the poinsettia is going in the basement and then it will be in the dark every night so maybe it it turn red by Christmas I'll let you know..................JMF

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New mineral bags, pillow and more.

 Delivered this to the new owner yesterday.
These little aprons turn out so cute ( if I say so myself!:)
 The new gray mineral bags!!!! You know there is something wrong with yourself when this excites you!!

 We had a booth this weekend in Sioux Falls at the Ect Expo for Women. I mean alot of women!!!
 You can find the SD Cattlemen's women on facebook too. We had bibs and oneise for sale they are on facebook too.
and that's my camera strap!!................JMF

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More aprons.

 I had this panel and was looking at it the other day thinking I'm not in the mood to start ANOTHER quilt.
Because I have so many now that need finishing in one way or another! This is what I can up with baby tag alongs.
 Years ago I made some with fleece and ribbons and can't remember which one of the grandkids it was but they  just threw there's out of the crib!!
 I hope that doesn't happen with these:)
 It was faster than making a quilt.
 I put a blue flannel bandanna print on the back of all of them.

 I love this saying so I had to make a pillow with it.
 I found this pattern (free) on pinterst. It's a longer half apron that would look good on anyone that is taller than me!!!
 2 crayon aprons out of each of these prints.
Today I am making tote bags out of the new gray mineral bags!!! I'm so excited LOL Now on a more serious note I didn't get all my squash in from the garden and it froze last night( I told hubby that, but he said oh no it's not I never heard that) I am glad he doesn't make his living as a weather man!! Is there anything I can do other than cooking and  freezing the squash???JMF P.S. if anyone lives close and wants some come and get them....please they are across the road where the old house was help your self.............

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pillow, beans and mums................

 Happy Birthday Greg! I made him a pillow with heir brand Callies Farms. I love that red background fabric. I got it at the new quilt shop in Hill City Hill City Mercantile.

 Finished up the beans.

 When I walked back home the sun was shinning on the mum plant and it was so pretty. Pictures just can't show everything:(

 Don't know how the mum pic jumped ahead in line. This is Greg's broken thumb. He can open the little cap to give himself a ultrasound treatment to promote bone growth. Hope it helps.

love mums..................JMF