Monday, December 7, 2015

Trees and a purse.............

 The Township board is trying to get landowners to clear the trees from the ditches along their land.
 We had cleared the ones around our land several years ago, this is some we rent.
 One of the trees already dropped a big branch and blocked the road last summer so it was time for them to go.
 It's sad but a necessary evil!!  I say that because I love trees and hate to see them tore down.
 Tooties was watching too..
 It will take awhile to get used to seeing that side of the road so bare.

 This part looked like a back breaker he would come down pretty hard.
 Thanks Randy:)
 Carrie had seen a purse like this and wanted one, so I told her I would try and make one.
 It's not perfect but then none of my stuff is. That's how I stay so humble:)
 It was fun to make tho.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Little girl's jewelry bag.

 Awhile ago I saw some bags like this on Pintrest and thought they were so cute. Bracelets and  head bands to go inside..
 Sometime I just take a picture of my computer screen instead of trying to remember where I pin or bookmark stuff. That's why I can't link to most things I make:) I am donating  it to the Lee Ruml benefit on Sun.
The squirrels are loving their bucket of corn...................JMF
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Kathy...ect.

 I made this bag for my DIL's mom. She is a book lover like me:)
 I thought she should have a bag to tote her books along with her.
 I hate being stuck in the car, or waiting room without a book to pass the time with.
Happy Birthday Kathy and enjoy your book bag!! I put a few books in it for her too.
 Moving cows the other day and my job was watch the corner and  I spotted this muskrat swimming around.
 It was getting a little to late in the day to get good pics and the cows didn't cooperate and way.

 A few of my favorite things in my office. The picture Greg gave me for Christmas one year, it's a John Green print that he knew I loved. I cried when I opened it:) The chair was my folks, I had my aunt recover it in some western fabric.
 My friend gave me this arrangement.The hydrangeas are from her gardens and the box is  a drawer from her husband's mom's old sewing machine cabinet.
 I love it:) Thanks Paula.........JMF

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pillows for a good cause............

 I have been seeing these pocket pillows on pintrest, and several blogs. I have been wanting to make some and found the perfect reason. I am donating them to the Lee Ruml benefit later this month.
 They have a pocket for books and anything else you need to take with you. I love the Charlie the Ranch Dog books, I have them all:) I ordered these two for the pillow so I didn't have to give up mine:)
 A handle to carry it. They make a perfect road trip pillow! Kids and read when they get tired they have a pillow to rest their head on:)
I won the drawing at quilt guild last month and picked the bike fat quarter. I thought it would be a perfect fun fabric for this girls pillow.
 It also so has a handle to take it where ever you go.
 Of course had to add the steer erasers with pencils.
Some books and a cute notebook...............JMF

Friday, October 23, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival!

 I am entering this quilt in the Original Design Quilt Category.

I fell in love with the center fabric when I saw it online. When I got it I pulled the other fabrics from my stash to make the blocks. I wanted to highlight the center fabric so just cut a piece of that to surround with the star blocks.
 I picked out 4 of the brands in the fabric to applique in the 4 corners of the quilt.

 In the middle boarder I even used the scraps from the half square triangles cut from  the star blocks.
 No scraps were left behind:)
You can find the festival in this link
Go have a look around. Thank you Amy for putting this fun festival together. I love looking at all the quilts and voting for my favorites!.......JMF

Monday, October 12, 2015

This with a little of that and an apron or 2................

 Sarah sent me a request for an apron made out of the leg of a blue jean. This is the first one I made, I used a pair of my jeans. It was to narrow for a adult so I gave it to Rachel.

 I used Greg's jeans for this one and it was just right. As I look at this picture I think I cut the first one out wrong!!  That's why it turned out to narrow oh well it will work for Rachel!!

 The calves are all settled down in their new home:)
 They have all the feed and water they want. Someone to give them silage every morning, shade in the afternoon no complaints here.
 Caught me with feed on my nose:)
 I can still see you there...why are you taking so many pictures???

 We have  a guy that walks through us every night to check us for any trouble, and if he finds anyone that's not feeling the best he makes us better in no time:)

 Lazy afternoon.
 I made this bag for a  garden gal we visited last week and when I say garden I mean GARDENS!!!!
 We came home with potatoes, squash, peppers pumpkins and more.
 Sarah's pumpkin made  from stuff around the farm. Pretty cute:)
 I've  been getting a few eggs from Lucas' chickens they are getting to good a hiding them tho!!
 I guess the buffalo are on a fall calving schedule too. We now have 3 new calves.

 Hope they get to get alittle bigger before it gets to cold.
 Geese are flying over head most evenings.
 Yesterday's dust storm it was something else. John, Lucas and I got caught out in it on the 4 wheeler.
Greg's family had family pictures taken a  few weeks we are!!! I'll share a few more later..................JMF