Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pictures from the last week or so.................

 This in new this year it's the first time my aloe plant bloomed if that is what it is.
 A squash I put out in Greg's room in the garage last fall and just cut it up to cook it a week ago.
 I was surprised it was still good.
 2 hens taking care of the chicks at Jared's.

 Sarah's hollyhocks. I think they are so pretty.
 Eating the leaves off the trees in broad day light the nerve, but glad I got a picture or 2:)

 We had Quilt Guild at one of our member's home. This is just a few of the pictures of her gardens. Just awesome!!!

 What do I see at the end of those trees???????  zoom in and see....................

 My garden is really growing hope it rains tonight or I will need to water it. I will have plenty of squash, pumpkins and cucumbers. My tomato is blooming so I will get more than one:)
 Who grows a weed in the back of their pickup???????????
Greg I wonder if he's even noticed it........................JMF

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aprons to garden.............

 I saw this somewhere on the internet:) and I was in Brookings so I stopped at Goodwill and found a shirt that would work.
 Pretty simple to make.
 Got my little girl apron pattern out. I have several cut out and these 2 done.

 My garden is really taking off soon we will be eating cucumbers everyday. The whole neighbor might be eating them everyday!!

 Big pumpkin leaves.

 Finally some moss roses blooming they were late this year.
Anyone want some of this it's going nuts again. I did dig out some that was getting to close to the heat pump and will be thinning it again.
all for now........................JMF

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moving Cows..............

 Sat we moved some cows and calves from one pasture to another. Jared used their new horse, and it went pretty good!!

 I thought maybe the cows would be scared of the horse, but I guess not.

 His name is Rio he's pretty green yet but I hope he turns out to be a good horse for them.

 My photographer was having a good time. The red cows is his so he says!!! Thanks Lucas maybe you will be famous someday for your pictures of cows:)
 So here's what the cows left ...................
 To a  new and greener pasture.

 Plenty of grass and water what more could a cow or a rancher ask for??? The only thing I can think of is rain and we got 1 inch of that last night!!!!!!!!!!
I love my life...............JMF

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day out with the Girls!!!

 First stop a turkey farm what kind of birthday outing is this going to be I ask??
 Not a turkey farm just where we picked up Sue. At her niece's  old McDonald farm:)
 We were off to Pierre for our tour. First we had to stop at the Chamber to pick up our tickets. Luck would have it that the Red Rosa was right by so we ate a very yummy lunch there.
 Here we are at the mansion.

 My kind of decorations
 Love this one.

 The Governor's office. The stones in the fireplace came from the blasting and carving of the Crazy Horse Monument. You can't see it in this picture but the stones in front of the fireplace on the floor have the drill marks where they put the explosives when they blast the rocks.

 View from the office window.

 Here you can see the drill marks and the ones that were green meant the Korczak Ziolkowski who started the project of carving in honor of the Lakota leader Crazy Horse drilled those. He started it in 1948. It still continues today.
 View of the patio, and capitol lake.
 That's how tall the fireplace is!!!

 This former Governor was on the same cruise/ bus trip to Alaska that we went on!! You can thank me later for that interesting tidbit:)
 The coffee table was cut from the center of a big rock dug from a farmers field! I'm glad I never had to pick rock on that farm.

 Here we are with the Governor's wife Linda Daugaard. Very friendly! I wonder why she doesn't have the shoe protectors on that the rest of us wore??????
 Next we walked over to the World War II Memorial, the Korean, and Vietnam War Memorials.

 The fighting Stallions memorial is for the lives of 8 men including Gov George S. Mickelson who were killed in a aircraft crash on April 19, 1993.

 We never spell South like that but it is like that to emphasize the Greek influence on the construction. I said their spell check wasn't working!

 The story about the blue tiles in the floor is that there was 66 tile layers and they were given a blue tile to put anywhere they wanted. There has only been 55 found so maybe 10 of the men wanted to keep there's or they lost them or they could have been lost when there was some repair work done to the floor. We will probably never know.
 We found 2!!
 and that heart.
A day of good friends, good food,and lots of interesting things to see. Thanks......JMF......we missed you Paula:(