Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring time...............

 This is the oil shed as we call it anyway. I think it will be a perfect building for a barn quilt!! If there is no machinery parked in front of it you can see it from the house. I will post my barn quilt.....I'm sure in the distance future:)
 Plum blossoms.
 They are in a grove of trees we planted when we first moved here.
 On my walk the other day.
 2 of the new bulls this year.
 This little calf is so cute...
The 77 is his mom's number and the 7 means he was born April 7th, the mark on top is some code the guys have like orange yellow or red white. I guess there aren't enough different colors of tags:)........JMF

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Indian Princess Quilt..........

 I finished my Indian Princess quilt!  I decided to name my quilts after reading another gal's blog that always names her quilts!! I told Lucas that it is my quilt and that's me and the bear under the quilts is papa. He said that the bear was to little to be papa:)
 The pics are awful I told Greg other quilt bloggers have their husbands hold the quilts up outside in all different locations to get good pictures of them!! I will post the pictures we take..............someday:)
 The calves get a sled ride when they are a day or 2 old to a part of the pasture fenced off from the ones that haven't calved yet.
 open the door.....
 and out they go.
 I tired to get a good picture in the sunset, but with black cows that won't pose it's a problem:)

 We have 2 sleds so if everyone cooperates it's alittle faster.
 The bales in the background have a electric fence around them, that way the calves can go and lay around the bales if they need protection from snow, rain or wind.
 Sue and I went to Madison to the college to give Beef Buck to the students. It didn't take us long to give away several hundred dollars worth of them..
Thanks to the Beef Industry Council and our check off dollars the kids will be eating beef on us:)
We had a survey for them to fill out and all but one ate beef several times a week.. Beef it's whats for dinner!!!.........JMF

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The old is new again..................

 I'm not sure how old this building is. It was here when we came on New Years Eve 1977!
 We have painted it several times and like lots of old buildings it just doesn't last long. Over the years we have talked about tearing it down, but just because it was ugly didn't mean it wasn't useful:)
 The call went out and now 3 buildings are on their way to a new and improved look:)

 I didn't realize how bad they looked, you just get used to it.
 Hard at work...hang on!
 Whatch got there???
 my calf
 You can leave now we are just fine....A few days later that area was fenced off. It's wet and rough and dangerous to be out there with a grumpy momma!
 Nice window:) Dang I bet the old one is long gone, I see lots of cute things on pinterst with old windows.
 They cut the upstairs floor out so now a tractor can be put in there.

 It's coming along nicely.
They should be done this week...........JMF

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Flying kites, while the cows watched>>>>>>>>>>>

 Not quite dark enough for a good picture of the moon!
 We have some eagles not far from our place but this one just hovered over our house the other day.
 Maybe because he was Edward the eagle kite!! I never had much luck flying kites, but that day it was awesome:)
 Then their was the Sea Gull kite he was a high flier.
 The cows even came to watch the fun.
 Photo time, neither one of us is a fan of having our pictures taken, but is nice to have one with the cows.
 They just couldn't figure out what was going on.
 Fun was had by all!!
 Crash landing, it was getting a little too windy for Edward.
 The Sea Gill liked to dip low over the cows and they would trot away few steps then turn and watch again.
 On the way home I got a few pics of the fall calves. They have wintered well!! I think it is time to wean the cow calf pair above this pic.
 They still have alot of their winter coat, better keep it alittle longer!
 These 2 posed so nice for me.................JMF

Friday, April 3, 2015

Quilts, pillows, cows and bulls!!!!!!!!!!

 This little dolls name is Whitley James:) She is just the cutest baby!!! My lucky sister, Carla gets to babysit her every Mon, and I am hoping she is too busy some Mon and I will get a call!!!!!!!! Fat chance of that tho:)

I bought the jelly roll a couple of years ago when we were out at the stock show. I used  all 42 strips and it makes a nice size quilt.
 I got this half layer cake and came up with this quilt.
 I used all but 3 pieces.
 Love the little cowboys and girls.

 Pieced the back from left overs of the front with a piece of gray and gold star fabric.
 The annual move to the calving pasture.
 Greg had a hard time slowing them down they were on the run!
 I went with Greg the other day to check and they were all so content!! We love our cows:)
 I posted these a long time ago, here they are again some of them anyway. Cute bibs that the South Dakota Cattlemen's Auxiliary sells.
 We also have Navy with white cows, yellow with brown cows and pink with white or black.
 I know it's a shameless plug but what baby wouldn't look cute in one of these??  $10.00 plus postage will get you one, just leave me a comment if you would like one:)
 I haven't posted a squirrel in a while..........LOL
The bulls have spring fever too pawing at the ground and bellowing
trying to be the king of the bull herd!!
This is the only black Angus bull we have and he got chased out the other day. Once out of the pasture and twice out of my yard!!!
I almost forgot here are the pillows I made for Carla. She got the fabric on Zulily:)..............JMF