Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wed night mass...............

 I went to the Old church of Budus last week. It is Saint Ann's.
 These are some pictures I took in the little cemetery there.
 View of the lake in the peaceful cemetery.
 I saw a couple of older headstones that had been bolted back together.

 I couple of statues inside. I just loved them they were old and little worn with time.

I'll be back next year.........JMF

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hay, flowers and Buffalo picture..............

 Matt and the boys came the other day to wrap the 1st cutting of hay. It was lots of work, fun, and food!
 The hay is baled on the wet side and then wrapped air tight to preserve it till winter feeding time.
 A 30 inch roll of plastic wraps around the bale several times and then the next one is added.

 We had a crew of guys raking, baling and hauling to the wrapper.

 About a week ago after power went off 3 times real quick then my computer bit the dust. This is my new one. I sure don't like getting to know a new computer!!
 My flowers are coming along nicely.
 This year I bought them at the Medary Acres greenhouse in Brookings. I had never been there.
 They have  alot of plants and we didn't have enough time:)

 Sarah gave me this print and my sister-in-law Diane matted and framed it. BIL made the frame.

If you click on the picture it should be bigger and better to see.

 I just love it. My pictures doesn't do it justice tho. The matting brought it to life:)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I saw the little guy first!!

 Another apron done and off to it's new owner.
 Five different buttons but looked good!

 I was on a a walk the other night and this is what I saw!!!!!!!! I found Greg and said guess what I just saw?????? A baby buffalo was his answer. He said they were acting funny and wanting out in a different area but he had the gate shut. Si he knew something was up but hadn't checked back yet. Our first calf in a couple of years. We just have a few cows really most are a little over 2 years old and should be having their first calves.
 We don't know if it's a guy or a girl.
 sticking close to mama:)
 and then they were off and running.
 New stickers for the trailers. Thanks Dustin and Kate:)

 One more look at the camper quilt
Can't see the star to good but it's there!! It should be on it's first camping trip as I type:)..............JMF

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A little of this and that.......

 I had some visitors the other night.
 I quietly went out back and took some pictures without scaring them away.

 One buck  in the group.

 The humming birds are back. They are so fun to watch.
 These 2 pictures are of the same bird showing how different lighting changes the color of him in the picture.
 I don't know how he gets his fat beak in the feeder but he must he /or she is there alot.

 Lucas wanted some little feed bags for his fork lift so he picked out the fabric and I made some for him.


 The other morning when Greg got up this rabbit was  on the deck and jumped up against the glass door.
 I don't know if he could see  himself and thought it was another rabbit  and was going to chase it away, but he's gone now.........
You need to wash this window!
 Waiting for someone to come and play.

These guys are back too:)

 Like the label says The Camper Quilt. I only had a 9 inch strip of this camper fabric and then just added whatever I had to make the quilt.

Just couldn't get a good picture of it. I hope it gets to go on lots of camping adventures!!!!..............JMF