Friday, April 29, 2016

Ranch work and some sewing...................

 I helped Greg the other day by sitting in the tractor and turning the wire winder control on and off!! A big important job:)
 Very high tech it gets the job done!

 Someday it will get unwound and be a fence again.
 Another purse I need to get on a different kick!! I am going to donate this one to a fund raiser. The inside fabric is a tattoo print
 One of the sets of twins born this spring.
 If I can't see her does it mean she isn't there???
 I was the gate opener for Gary the feed guy the other day.

 Trying to get the gate unlocked, could be trouble. There's one in very bunch.
This is a another  purse but is also a gift so will show it later.............JMF

Monday, April 4, 2016

Aprons and cows................

 I made 2 of these little girl aprons for my nephews daughters. I used different fabric on the back side so they could tell them apart.
 I hadn't made any for awhile and forgot how fun they are to make:)

 When I was making the girls their aprons I got a request to make one for a birthday gift. She likes purple so I found this fabric and a couple of coordinating purples for the back, pockets and ruffles.
 I hope she likes it.
 Most days I see a robins sitting on the tip of the branches of these trees most of the time they are on the top one.
 A week ago we moved the cows to the calving pasture..
 I'ts a little more than a mile walk for them. they took their time and they behaved nicely! Turned right in when they got to the gate.

 We got them there just in time. Lots of calves born already a few sets of twins, so far so good.
 Back to the aprons this one goes to the mom of the 2 little girl aprons. She loves to bake and makes the best cupcakes!!
 I found these cute tags so each apron got one.
 I decorated each box with their name. Then stacked them up and tied them together!
 I hope they enjoy them as much as I did making them:)
Until next time....................JMF