Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lady of Guadalupe................

 Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most beloved images in Hispanic culture and is very well-known within the Catholic faith as well. In the Catholic faith, the feast day for Our Lady of Guadalupe was yesterday Dec 12th. "Our Lady of Guadalupe , also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe, ( is a title of the Virgin Mary associated with a celebrated pictorial image housed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in México City. The basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most visited Catholic site in the world, and the third-most visited sacred site in the world." Just a little history I found on the Internet!
 I thought I would share The three quilts I have made with Our lady of Guadalupe on them. I made these for my friend Nancy's grand kids. This one I made up as I went, kind of a crazy patchwork with scraps.
 I still have a few of the panels in my stash. Every now and again I think I should make something with them. Maybe someday:)

This is the 1st one I made and my favorite of the three. In the right hand corner is a paper pieced star. I must have made this quilt 13 years ago, because Adriana will be 14 in May. My how time flies when you are quilting:)...........JMF

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jan 2014

 I am using my blog to accomplish 2 things review what went on in 2014 and clean up my pictures!! I need to delete alot of pictures:) Last Jan was a good squirrel month!
 I remember someone wanting a girl apron this must be it.
 This is a brand pillow I made for someone?? don't remember who infact I made 2 just alike.
 Then I used up a piece of cancer survivor fabric and made mug rugs.

 I got the kit for this from  Paula I made this one and another one for my aunt.
 mug rugs all done
 We sold calves on Jan 25th a week later than we had planned to, because of the weather. Who would have guessed that!! That's why we love South Dakota....I think:)
 Yes this was in Jan really confused robins. They hung around several days.
 These to went to Carrie's house for Regan and Rachel.

 Oh and the cat one too.

 This is Rachel's too.
I still have a small tote full of panels. I need to get over that:)
I got my pictures cleaned up for Jan.................JMF

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Anniversary Winner and more cows............

 We still have some cows to bring home. This time we had to go across a busy highway.
 So we had the Sheriff come out and help:) For some reason they get more respect than I do with my flashers and a waving plastic bag!!
 Slowing them down a little we had a few miles to go.
 It took me a minute to realize Greg wasn't going forward??
 Backing up so they would get a taste of silage and not run out in the corn stalks anytime we went by some.
 Another highway this one isn't busy, but still need to be cautious.
 Almost there............
 What do we have here???  Looks like someones been busy in between chores, and moving cows:) It's Greg's new hunting shack, so far it hasn't brought him any luck yet. Lucas hasn't even gone with him for popcorn and a card game, and deer season will be over soon.
 They are home so I can go home too:)
 I found that little white butterfly after I had a trick or treaters here, it must have flew off the butterfly catchers hat!!!
 Going back several years in my pictures and found these guys The cowboys are Kordell, Dane and Johnny. The cowgirl is Ellie and the farm one is Rachel's. I'll have to find the other 2 and share another day.
One of the many bibs I've made.
I better announce the winner of the blog anniversary. The lucky winner is ....................Rachel    not my granddaughter Rachel sorry:) Next thing I will do is email her and send off her package....Thanks for visiting.......JMF

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4 Year Blog Anniversary!!!

 When I think back on the last four years and what I have posted on my blog this is what I come up with:) The same old thing quilts, deer, and cows I will save the birds and squirrels for another post!!
 I sure like my design wall this is my second quilt as you go quilt in progress.
 I saw this girl sneaking through the trees behind the house the other day.
 I won this fabric I think it will make a cute baby quilt.
 Our weather has gone from a nice fall day to cold and snow far to soon.
These cows are thinking he just let us out and drove away..........
 So they ran across the field to catch up with him.
 Only to have to go back the way they came.
Going home after a summer of green grass.
 It always takes them a moment to get across the highway.
 Another detour into the corn field. We got them out and down the road again.
 Now they are in the right corn field.
 I think the snow is here for while.
 I have been finishing up some quilts that have been just tops for awhile like 6 years for some.
 I love these prints but it doesn't look like I wanted it too.

 This is such an easy and fast quilt to make.
 I love my western fabric:)
 Here is my cotton and steel fabric all made up!! I love the arrows.
 I did lots of different quilting on this one as it is the quilt as you go.

 I have started rounding up stuff for the give away in honor of my 4 year blog anniversary.
From crafts to fabrics, books, and you never know what will end up in the box by Nov 26th when I draw a lucky winner. Just leave a comment to be in the running. Be sure I have a way to get ahold of you. Good luck and thanks for visiting.......................JMF