Sunday, November 20, 2011

Squirrels, snow and wreath.......

 The squirrels are back and the snow:( I'll take squirrels over snow any day! I kind of doubt that choice will ever be available but if it is I will have a quick answer!!!!
 They are fun to watch.
 I see all these cute wreaths on different blogs so I tried my hand at one. Not so sure about it, but it will do till I get a Christmas one to take it's place.
 I got the stand at R&R ( our local drug store) it didn't cost much and is pretty neat!
Not the best pictures of the flowers the little horse tile is off a necklace. It was on sale and an impulse buy what can I say?
watch those impulse buys...................JMF you never know what you can use them for:)

For all the quilters out there!!!

Short and sweet.....visit  they are having a big sale all this week. If they don't have it you don't need it!!!!!!!!! They aren't paying me to post this darn:) I have gotten more than one friend in trouble by telling them about this web store!!! Gotta go I've only got 2 yards in my basket bye JMF

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cows and Pillow

 Still moving cows. This time it was along a highway and people just hardly slowed down. It was kind of scary! Especially the 2 semis that were coming right when the cows came out of the pasture by the highway. I stood out and waved and pointed to the cows, but it didn't seem to matter to the first one the second one slowed down alittle.
 Thankfully the ditch is wide and the cows stayed close to the fence line most of the time.
 I was out front at that time with my flashers on. The back window  always has dust on it.
 Meet Johnny's show calf. He is so proud of it and is working hard taming it down.
I have to ask him what he named it. He probably told me but I can't remember:)

This is my latest pillow! It will be linked to
Check out her jewelry, clothes, and home decor by me!! In fact I won one of her tops last night cool!!! She is such a nice girl along with her sister Amanda. The best part is they are AWESOME beef advocates, we need that in our industry. You can check Amanda out at
this was supposed to be a short post I need to get back to cleaning and cooking oops  JMF

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pillow for Kordell's 1st communion

 So this was my project Sat afternoon. I wanted to make this pillow for our grandson Kordell for his 1st communion on Sunday. I figured out which piece of the imitation leather I would use, and how to embellish it.
 Come upstaires and google cross to find a pattern for the cross I wanted to put on it, print it out and cut out the brown imitation leather.

The blue and brown piece was left over from another pillow, good thing I hang on to all those bits and pieces!
 We interrupt this pillow making to watch the corner while the guys herd cows to new feeding grounds.
 almost there......
They made it around the corner but took a left instead of a right good thing it was into an open field so the guys could get around them. One more pasture of cows and then back to the pillow. John and Lucas were with me so we took snacks to munch on while we waited for the cows.

 The back of the pillow.
3 big buttons on the blue strip and it's done. I got the saying from another blog as a free printable I am going to have to start writing the names of the blog with the picture sorry can't remember. Love those free printables..........
We had a nice day with Kordell and family. They have such a friendly church and a very nice pastor. If only it was closer:( Greg was snoring in bed within 15 minutes of walking in the door. He needs to sleep longer in the morning like me:)
Kordell if you are reading this we love you like crazy and Dane, Johnny, Rachel, Ellie, Lucas and Regan..............JMF

Friday, November 4, 2011

Amanda's Pillow

 I made this pillow for Amanda and Tyler Radke. The picture is from her book Levi's Lost Calf which you can buy on Amazon. The picture is of the heifer her parents gave them as a wedding present!
 I really enjoyed making it for them. I love how it turned out.
a little rosette for Amanda!!
linking up to Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fabric Hoard, and cows................

 This is my western fabric stash(most of it) So Karin this is for you!!
 I wonder if they have a QA quilters anonymous I could join! The only problem is it wouldn't be anonymous we would know everyone and ask how their project are coming, and how many new ones have you started:)
 I love this piece I just haven't wanted to cut it up yet!
 It might make cute pillows for a kids room..........
 So that means the red. brown and teal fat quarters can't be cut up either!!
Some of this fabric has got to be 10 years old I hope it hasn't reached it expiration date! Just a tidbit I don't believe in expiration dates just look in my fridge. On second thought don't!!!
 The other day Lucas was here. I didn't get my memory foam pad put away quick enough and he thought it would make a great pasture for his cows, and it did!!
 He started taking pictures so here's a few.
 notice how he puts the calf right by the moms head just like in real life what a kid.
 It's to bad some of the cows have to have buffalo calves and goats for their babies whatever works....
I saw him writing on the tags (rummage sale sticker from the $ store) he would write one then look at the others and count out for the next one, it was some serious business. He had fun tagging, loading, hauling, and chasing. While I was taking pictures of my fabric hoard!! Don't turn me in to that show Hoarding....Please:)
Sarah made  one for Lucas, and one for his cousin. She had me sew on the eyes and beak. She also made a monkey one but I didn't get a picture of that one. SO SO Cute..
Sorry their is no western fabric left for anyone else........JMF