Friday, November 29, 2013

Blog Hop winner!!!

1st order of busy is a great big thank you to everyone that visited and left comments on the Bog Hop post.
I started out replying to everyone but soon ran out of time and got behind so to the ones that I didn't get to 
here's and extra THANK YOU!!!
2nd is the announcement of the winner..... Oh by the way I made a couple more boy aprons.

I really like the blue camo it just matched the blue in water on this fabric.

 Equilter had free shipping a week or so ago and I couldn't resist these fabrics.

 I have been trying these out on the back of some denim jackets. So far just pinned to the back and hanging in the basement. I think I have to look at them awhile before I sew them on.
The guys were over an hour late for dinner on the day of the blog hop post. I was in a panic to get my post up so it was a good thing they were late.
 The winner of the Blog hop prize package is...........................
Debra Kay Neiman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be emailing her. I had so many comments on the doll sewing kit. I bought it just a couple of days before at The Pin Cushion quilt shop in Mitchell SD with the intention of giving it away at our quilt guild but then along came the blog hop:) She had pink, red, and blue ones.

Thankful for everything except maybe the wind today:)..............JMF

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quilters Blog Hop!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to the party!! It's noon and the guys are coming in for dinner so I will get  a quick pic of prizes . I just love these blog hops. Win thread ,  mug rug, pencils with steer erasers' fat quarter and more:)

Just leave a comment to be in the running for the prize!The hop ends on Nov 26th so then I will pick a winner:)
Hop away....JMF

More sewing.

 I found these little  bears in my stash and thought they would make cute taggies.
 I think they came with some another panel with the same bears with the beatitudes printed on them.
 I made a baby quilt with those.
 Hunting shirt apron.

 Been working on crayon aprons.
 I made headbands the other night and with the left overs I made these bracelet cuffs.

I need to make a couple feed sacks in to tote bags next.......JMF

Friday, November 15, 2013

Boys Aprons........

 Another shirt apron. A little island flavor:)
 I had a request for a boy's apron. This is what I came up with!
 They are reversible.
 The deer are always here when Johnny is in school:( He has a mentor deer license this year. No luck so far tho.
Sehe she's me in the office, how so they do that.......................JMF

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Xray pillow.................

The blue jays and squirrels getting their corn... winter's coming!
He looks nice and plump:)
I had a guest photographer  with me the other day when we were once again moving cows.
 Notice the red cow that's his (so he says)!
 She is only one of the 2 red cows we have, the other one John claims.

 Getting a drink. I think for a 7 year old Lucas has promise of becoming a famous photographer. Maybe I can say I knew him when he just got started!!

 Those squirrels keep sneaking in here....
 I got this nice shirt at Goodwill in Mitchell and cut it up and turned it into an apron!
 American Red Cross button. No idea where I got that.
Steady!!!!! Cutting the cast off. The gals there are so nice and Greg really likes that the one grew up on a farm so she'll ask him about what he's doing on the farm. Plus she never cut him once LOL !!

 Here is Dr. Timothy LeeBurton's pillow! I printed the picture of Greg's xray on fabric ironed on to freezer paper then set it with a hot iron. The screw fabric I got  in a grab bag from Hill City. At the time I thought when will I ever use fabric with screws on it. The button looks better in person bad angle. I think the Dr liked it and his nurses and cast girl thought it was cool. I told the Dr it is so he can always remember his ornery patient:)
 Who would have thought fabric with screws on it would get used on a pillow of a thumb with screws in it???JMF

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Backyard wildlife and more...........

 Coyote caught on the game cam. Pretty close to the house too.
 Kind of a cold dreary to move cows. They were  happy to go tho.:)

 They will follow a tractor with silage in the scoop anytime!

 Watch you head when you walk by the pickups around here you never know what you will run into. They could fix fences everyday and most days they do.
 Sitting waiting for more cows. This time I was on the highway with my flashers on. One time waving a orange neck warmer and they still didn't stop!!!!!!! and hardly slowed down. Never going to do that again at 4:00 on a school day. They must not teach what blinking hazard lights are for in drivers Ed.
 This little buck hangs around our place.

 He even laid  down in the trees the other day just in back of the house while I was making Carmel rolls the other morning. This batch turned out why I can dump the ingredients in the  bread machine and it turns out but if I mix it up my self they end up in the garbage.

Bread machine dough better one or two?? Yeah I was just at the eye Dr  too!!! They were pretty much the same so no new glasses for me. Get it better one or 2 I guess you had to be there........
 That snow is all gone now and that's a good thing:)
 The 2 fawns were with him tool
 Thanks Rob for helping us with traffic control!!!  They slow down (kind of) for you!
They behaved pretty good.....................JMF