Sunday, August 28, 2011

Road trip, Apron, & Pumpkins

A week or 2 ago I went on a road trip with Greg to look at a truck. I know just what you are thinking girlfriends....exciting...not so much!!! It wasn't to bad just along day in the car and the only thing I saw at the truck place was that painted quilt on the shed wall!!! I fact there was another smaller one that I didn't get a picture of. I wonder if Greg wants one painted on his oil shed I could see it from the house  hummmmm got me thinkin now!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't buy the truck that day but he called him later and  you guessed it we are going back. On the way home that day Greg said "I wonder how many blood clots I've got" ha ha he's not a long haul trucker kind of guy!!!
This is a Happy Birthday to Sue apron!! She liked it and she'll wear it. I wonder what I should have her cook up for me??????????
 Pumpkin report.... this one isn't to big but it is real orange.
 These next few are big, but doesn't really show it in the picture.
 They sure have been fun to watch grow.
Fall is coming just hope it stays a long time.....JMF

Grand Opening

I went to the grand opening of the Maroney Commons very nice and a neat building. I wish it lots of success. I sure hope Jared and Sarah get to raise the boys in a successful community with hope for the future.
 I am looking forward to eating in the Forecast restaurant some evening.
There is a nice conference center, hotel, and gift shop which brings me to my next pictures.
 A friend, Faye asked me if she could display some of my quilts and pillows in the gift shop, as it wasn't finished for the openhouse.  I was honored to lend a few things.
 She will be featuring made in South Dakota items.
It looked nice that day. I can't wait to see all the fun stuff she finds to fill the gift shop with!
Thanks for the rain this morning and no hail............JMF

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dakota Fest, pillows and apron

If you look really hard you can see the speaker up on the stage!! Her name is Becky Eggebrecht from the Brookings area. Is she ever FUNNY on my we laughed and laughed. If you ever get a chance to see her do it. Myself, Carla, Paula, Mary, Jean met in Mitchell that day for the Dakotafest Brunch (even tho they served chicken and maybe squash we  weren't sure what it was I ate it all tho!) Afterwards alittle shopping and then to Cafe Teresa for more goodies.... mocha goodness it should be called!! A little more shopping and home again. What a fun filled day with my sister and friends. Our table had 3 chairs that we could have filled with more friends instead of the strangers that were sitting in them. And I might add not laughing as much as us one looked downright grumpy. So next year we should add a Sue and a Jane and ? ok?
I've been sewing just not showing!! I couldn't show this til after I gave it to Paula and Gary. There son took the picture  ( I kindof borrowed it off the internet) and I love  it. I can't wait to make another pillow with it for myself!
Nancy gave me this towel, and I added the yellow ties to hold it on the oven handle so no more towel on the floor. Yep found the idea on a blog.
This is my apron it is the same one as above with one little change instead of green in the neckline I put red. Doesn't that look better?
More later about the Josh Turner concert I don't know how many times we heard I LOVE YOU JOSH!!!!!!!!!! I controlled myself, but he is a cutie!!!
I'll be back..........JMF

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our trip to Platte......

I think this picture is worth 20 cans of spray print!!! I'm just sayin I'm lovin the green chairs Paula!!
 Feldhaus buffalo skull. I'm going to have to try and paint on one someday.
 Love the bike.
 Good Birthday present Gary!!
 This makes me wish mine would bloom maybe next year.
Greg needs to get to work on one of these.
 What a nice yard and flowers. Next year if you come to my house I'm afraid the yard tour  will be short and not near as sweet!! Unless you like weeds!!
The river tour.
 Almost to the river.
 Oh I want a sailboat and a camper!!!!!!!!
 The 1 mile long Platte/Winner Bridge!
 The busdriver forgot to wash the windshield no tip for her!!
Yes you made the blog, Paula and Mary ridin shotgun!!! giddy up cowgirls
No pictures of the delish supper you'll just have to take my word for it.
I could use a piece of that dessert about now!!!!!!!!
fun and laughter............JMF

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pillow, and a few other things.

Isn't she beautiful?

 I wanted to make some things for the Children's Care Corner fund raiser. I had a couple of aprons one hand, but wanted to make something else. So here's the story!
I had some transfer sheets that you could run through your printer so I found this print of a saying on another blog.
Sorry about the sideways anyway it worked fine till I pulled the sheet off and some of the transfer came with it. I can work with that just scuff it up alittle more and I now have Shabby Chic. That's my story anyway!!
 I added this and added that. Ribbon and some fringed fabrics.
 Dug out some thick wooly felt for the star.
 Maybe some yoyos.
It's done and on it's way to town. I have never heard the saying but it fits most little boys.
 Now on to food!!
 Cut up an apple and then add any fruit you have grapes, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries.
 Some shredded cheese or a sliced up cheese stick.
 one container of yogurt my favorite is black cherry, but didn't have any yesterday.
and enjoy so easy and delish!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aprons Aprons Aprons!!!!

Here's the yellow and red fabric I bought the other day! It's just the binding and ruffle on the aprons. Hey Carla which apron do you think is yours? One's yours a other one goes to a fund raiser.
 I love this fabric and have enough left to make myself an apron and maybe a couple of hot pads!!

I like my chicken fabric too.
 Little girls apron, also goes to the Children Care's fund raiser.
This apron goes too. I hope to get a pillow made for it too. Mainly because I have more pillow ideas to try out!!!!

Levi's Lost Calf a must read!!!

The book I've been waiting for came in the mail Sat!!!!!!!!!  This is Amanda Radke (Nolz formally from Howard) first book, first of many I hope!!
Michelle Weber of MN did the illustrations. Cute cute pictures! It is such a good book with a very very good story.
The  book also has a recipe for Hungry Cowboy tin foil Dinner.

This book is a must for all girls and boys. It tells  that the spunky independent spirit of the American cowboys and cowgirls is alive and well!!! I know it will be on my gift list for grandchildren, babies, birthdays, and every other occasion that comes a long.
You can order it here
Or if you are in the Howard, Madison or Brookings area Amanda will be having book signings at Higher Grounds Sept 23 11:30am till around 1:00 and that afternoon at the Madison Public Library at 2:00 (about) and Sat the 24th at Cover to Cover 310 Main Ave Brookings around 10:00. I hope to see you there. The SD Cattleman's Auxiliary is sponsoring these book signings and may have some give aways!!!!!!!!!!
Read a book......JMF

Friday, August 5, 2011

Random thoughts and pictures! (not deep thoughts:)

Just some random pictures.
 I love hydrangeas I bought this one this year, but I have two older ones and neither of them have bloomed the last 2 years. They look nice and are getting bigger but no flowers.What could be wrong they are on the east side of the house.

 Soon I will have gladiolas blooming I will have to get another picture of them then.

This was my ornamental cabbage plant! Someone else must not have  gotten  the memo that it was ORNAMENTAL ha ha you win some and lost some.
 The pumpkins are getting orange I just hope they get bigger too.
 some little 8 ball squash I don't think they will get to big.

 still lots of blooms
and the bees still buzz around.
 I am pretty sure this hint has never been on the internet or anywhere else for that matter!! Except in this blog but it is still working the birds do not use the mailbox for a bathroom anymore!!

I almost mowed over the dinosaurs the other day they were both in the grass I don't know how they fell off, but they are back at work now!
I moved my wall hanging and birthday chicken.
 It really isn't a crossing it's a getting out when Greg feeds them and thinks it's safe to leave the gate open!

Carol if you are reading this yes I did buy fabric when I went to Sioux Falls with Kay! If I get in the basement to sew today you will see the yellow and red soon. I brown maybe won't be seen until after Christmas! no peaking
And finally Cake in a Cup before and after. Just mix a 1 step angel food cake mix with any flavor cake mix in a plastic bag.  Mix it up good. Put 1/3 cup of the mix into a coffee cup NO spray or oil and 3 tablespoons of water microwave for 1 minute. We share one with ice cream or fruit and whipped cream.Next time I'm going to try a chocolate cake mix.