Monday, December 7, 2015

Trees and a purse.............

 The Township board is trying to get landowners to clear the trees from the ditches along their land.
 We had cleared the ones around our land several years ago, this is some we rent.
 One of the trees already dropped a big branch and blocked the road last summer so it was time for them to go.
 It's sad but a necessary evil!!  I say that because I love trees and hate to see them tore down.
 Tooties was watching too..
 It will take awhile to get used to seeing that side of the road so bare.

 This part looked like a back breaker he would come down pretty hard.
 Thanks Randy:)
 Carrie had seen a purse like this and wanted one, so I told her I would try and make one.
 It's not perfect but then none of my stuff is. That's how I stay so humble:)
 It was fun to make tho.