Sunday, March 30, 2014

Carrie's wall hanging.

 More snow and  more snow coming.....I am ready for spring.

Carrie and I made this wall hanging in the late 90s!! I got mine finished and gave it to a friend for Christmas. Carrie's just got finished a couple of days ago! I've had it for awhile and was suppose to quilt it finally got it done. On the bottom it says We saw his star in the east& have come to worship him.Matthew 2:2

I still have some of the fabric!!

 The pattern is by Jill Fischer Morris MN. Quilted Blessings. I think she was in Madison at the quilt show doing the program or trunk show. I know I had to order the pattern but got the Springtime one so she sent me the Christmas one for no charge.

I never made the springtime one.Maybe sometime what's the rush the pattern says 1995!!!

 My visitors the other day.

 He was walking down the road in front of the house. Looking for spring no doubt:)

Today I am going to wash that window!!!................JMF

Friday, March 28, 2014

Moving cows.

 We moved the cows to the calving pasture the other day.
 We still have 2 reddish cows what are the chances of getting them in the same picture:)
 I'm going to watch the neighbors driveway.
 We have a few geese around here.........

 The hairy fall calves. They needed a good coat of hair this winter.
 Mom shes taking my picture don't embarrass me now!!! Kids...........

 Here they come.

 There's that red one again.
 They made it to the pasture.

 I quilted this the other day and got the binding and the label on it. I'm back to finishing some old projects.
 The next day this is was our weather. Huge snowflakes.

Here we go again..........I hope spring gets here soon...................JMF

Monday, March 24, 2014

 We got some snow again last night, but the good news it's going to really warm up by the end of the week!!
 This little guy was out my kitchen window this morning.

Are you looking at me????
 The grandkid's farm. A little bit of every animal.

 chicken coop.
 babies under cover. I leave it up for awhile it just makes me smile when I go down to sew:)
 I bought these quilt labels and thought maybe I could use them to make a mug rug....
 Just because it snowed doesn't mean it's Christmas go home Santa:)
This is the one I finished. I cut the words out of another piece of fabric, added alittle lace and ric rac which I'm not sure I liked........................JMF

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Carrie's Birthday.

 Carrie and the kids came over yesterday to celebrate her birthday!! She probably wouldn't care if I shared her age, but I do!! I got the box 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby. Wishing I would have gotten more.
 It is so pretty and not need to wrap just fill it with gifts:)
 Here is one of the 2 table runners I made her. Of the hundreds of pictures I take there is not a one of the other one I made. Maybe because I finished the night before she came.

 I used the leftovers to make a mini one.
 These were started as a calendar wall hanging in 1996!!! Now they have life!!!

 I only have 6 months of them done. Ran out of supplies so now I will be forced to go back to Hobby Lobby.LOL
They look nice in her big frame. I tried to get the kids to sing happy birthday to her I have to say it was pretty lame:) I even tried to encourage them like " Now really bring it home at the end!!!"  Maybe they are just really shy well behaved kids...........or.................

Thursday, March 20, 2014

One day later................

 We had a mini blizzard! They didn't let school out until 2:00 but by then the weather was better.
 I braved the storm to get the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The next day it was all sunshine and mud.
 I had a visitor sometime little tracks???? I'm sure it was the cat.

 This morning the geese were talking all at once. I do love that sound!
 Looks like the 1st day of spring happy happy happy ................
 I did alittle sewing the other day will share that when it's finished...JMF