Thursday, May 31, 2012

Races, and more

 The SD Cattlemen's Auxiliary 7th annual Beef Night at the Races at Husets Speedway.
 Our beautiful "beef girls" handed out coupons for free hamburgers and rib eye sandwiches. I'll have to devote a blog post just to these awesome girls:) We had lots of giveaways prizes and food. It was a fun night. We even stayed for the whole race, which wasn't to hard when we got to set in the VIP indoor seating!!!
 Got an order for a buffalo pillow. It's in the mail Ashley thanks!
 My cucumbers are up, and my Teddy Bear sunflowers.
Hen and chicks are doing good.
 Right after I took this mom and baby flew I hope baby can get back in the nest............sorry............
I haven't planted many flowers this year.
beautiful sunny day today.............JMF

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aprons, soap, and calves..........................

 Here is my newest apron. I love the western fabric!

 A simple gathered bodice apron.
 Woolly soap. Charlene showed us how to make it in Quilt guild the other night. I bought along some buffalo hair to put on mine. That's the brown it's the under coat and is real soft.
 I think everyone had fun making and learning a little about wool:)

 The squirrel was brave the other day, but he was just looking for a drink, there was water in the overflow of that pot.

 When we were checking cows the other night this calf was having fun.

 His mom just kept plodding along.

One last look back and they were gone...........JMF

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chickens,and another apron

 They let the chickens out!! They just stay around the yard and go back to their house at night.
 The dark one on the right is Robin because she has a red breast like a robin. According to Lucas:)
 Lucas just gave them fresh water.
 There's Farley in the background, he and Suzie don't seem to care about the chickens. Suzie keeps the labs out of her territory so no casualties yet.

 Here is Lucas' cat herd 6 kittens the grays are Larry Moe and Curly (guess what movie they just went to?) then there's Snowball and Whitey.
 My aloe plant is out of control again. I got this as a small plant when we went to Texas in 2007. That is the big part now she has a bunch of babies. Anybody want one?? Please....
 Just finished this apron. It took me awhile a new pattern always does. I should make it again so it sticks in my head:)
hope we get rain tonight.....JMF

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger's quilt applique quilt

 I have posted about this quilt before, but it is a favorite of mine.
It is from the book Critters Dancin' in the moonlight.
 I started it when Jared and Sarah were expecting Lucas. I think I started in the winter and he was born in June. I started with the barn panel thinking if I didn't think I could hand applique the whole thing I at least wanted the farm panel.
 I keep going and got it done!!!

 I quilted it myself on my almost 40 year old machine it is a Good Housekeeper has anyone heard of that brand? I always say it's the only good housekeeper that lives here LOL.

 It was a labor of love.                                      
 This one is Regan's our youngest grandchild.
 Same book only I embroider the animals and colored them in. I set with an iron.
 I didn't quilt this one. I wanted it done just like the one in the book.

same pattern 2 different ways:)
I love them both. Regan's hang above his crib in his John Deere room.
Gotta go look at  the rest of the quilts in the festival. Just click on the button on the right side of my blog Blogger's Quilt Festival.