Sunday, December 22, 2019

Everyone including the cows and calves were glad when April was over

 April is calving for us and what a job that was with rain snow and more rain! Late night checking to save calves, early mornings, and long days.
 We had wind breaks to protect what we could, and a small barn to put them in until they warmed up and nursed mom. It filled up fast tho! That's enough of those memories.
 Finally some nice weather and calving got better thank the Lord. The guys work so hard to make sure every cow and calf  is fed, watered and anything else they need.
 When it warms up they soak in the sun and nap between feedings.
 All the calves get a matching tag with it's mom number and the date born.
Last but certainly not least  is the quilt I made for Dustin. A good friend of Jared's since school and a veteran. I enjoyed making this quilt for him. I told him please use it and wear it out:) On the two sides I used all the little scraps cut from the star tips to make the little squares............JMF

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