Sunday, January 18, 2015

Finally I'm back....................

 The biggest reason  for the long time between posts is I couldn't get my pictures downloaded to the computer. No matter what I tried it didn't work. Good thing I can call Kenny and he comes out and fixes and cleans up my computer!!! Thanks to him I can once again take hundreds of pic of meaningless stuff!!!
 I made this for a friends cancer free anniversary. My embroidery is a little rusty and I don't know if I ever did the back stitch. I need some practice.

 My only outdoor decoration this year. I got the sign at The Birdfeeder where we had such a good lunch a couple of months ago.
 We sold calves on a cold and snowy day.
 We got a good price and they weighted the best ever.
 Not such  good pictures. We felt very thankful and the guys were well rewarded for all their hard work for the last year.
 On my design wall now.
 I think I got the panel of these forest friends at equilter. I'm tying not to use the same fabric more than once.
 There are only acouple of fox and bear pics more owls and squirrels.

I hope to be back sooner than later..............JMF


Sara said...

I had noticed your absence and am glad to see you back. Computer issues can sure be frustrating.

The mug rug is amazing and so thoughtfully personalized. And you always seem to find a creative way to use those panels. I just acquired a couple so I need to figure something out for them.

cucki said...

Welcome. Ack..
The mug rug is so sweet..I love it so much
Big hugs x

cucki said...

Sorry I wrote welcome back :)