Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Buckhorn Rodeo....

 We went up to Britton to Buckhorn rodeo.  A couple of cute cowboys here running the calf pens!!
 I might  be alittle partial tho beings it was Kordell and Matt:)
 Dane was helping park cars and Ellie was keeping me company on the hillside. Kari was working the ticket booth and then the concession stand.
 The weather was perfect.
 This guys was riding high and fell hard!! It took him  a minute to get back up.
 Of coarse lots of cowboy hats.

 Love the feather:)
 Can't forget Old Glory.
 So serious

Bull riding is my favorite. Greg bought raffle tickets for the 6 guns they gave away no luck on winning one of them, but Kordell won the 22 shells. They were in a big plastic container mixed in with corn! He is going to have some hours of sorting to do....................JMF


Sara said...

Great photos as always. You do a really good job with even the action shots, which is not easy.

Janet said...

Love to see the pictures with your family and the bull riders. My favorite part of the rodeo, too! Thanks for sharing.