Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jan 2014

 I am using my blog to accomplish 2 things review what went on in 2014 and clean up my pictures!! I need to delete alot of pictures:) Last Jan was a good squirrel month!
 I remember someone wanting a girl apron this must be it.
 This is a brand pillow I made for someone?? don't remember who infact I made 2 just alike.
 Then I used up a piece of cancer survivor fabric and made mug rugs.

 I got the kit for this from  Paula I made this one and another one for my aunt.
 mug rugs all done
 We sold calves on Jan 25th a week later than we had planned to, because of the weather. Who would have guessed that!! That's why we love South Dakota....I think:)
 Yes this was in Jan really confused robins. They hung around several days.
 These to went to Carrie's house for Regan and Rachel.

 Oh and the cat one too.

 This is Rachel's too.
I still have a small tote full of panels. I need to get over that:)
I got my pictures cleaned up for Jan.................JMF